unite against

unite someone against someone or something

to cause people to join together against someone or something. The mayor united his staff against the federal investigators. Ted united us against John. They united themselves against the enemy.
See also: unite

unite against someone or something

to join against someone or something. We will unite against the opposing forces. We must unite against the incumbent legislators.
See also: unite
References in classic literature ?
The only contemporary writer of the least importance is the Briton (priest or monk), Gildas, who in a violent Latin pamphlet of about the year 550 ('The Destruction and Conquest of Britain') denounces his countrymen for their sins and urges them to unite against the Saxons; and Gildas gives only the slightest sketch of what had actually happened.
The manufacturing interests of all nations would joyfully unite against that evil genius of theirs called leakage.
But it also underlines why every one of us should unite against cancer and back the appeal - because those with cancer, our loved ones, will always deserve the best possible care.
There was a heavy police presence in North Shields as members of the English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism marched through the town on Saturday.
Meanwhile, around 300 people with the Unite Against Fascism movement gathered outside the North Tyneside Magistrates' Court and marched through the town centre before heading to the square.
The Forum also strongly condemned the shooting at the headquarters of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris and called on French and European citizens to unite against violence and stand together for peace.
Williams had been rebuked by Show Racism the Red Card as well as Unite Against Fascism.
NORTHERN Ireland's Unite Against Hate campaign will relaunch later this month with support from the IFA, Ulster Rugby and the GAA.
Describing himself as a "free spirit" who cannot stand having protection, Mr Farage said the "taxpayer and trade unionfunded" groups Unite Against Facism and Hope Not Hate are using force at Ukip events.
Officers in full protective anti-riot gear and wielding batons restrained themselves amid serious provocation by anarchist elements who had joined the Unite Against Fascism demo.
Syria forces opposed to the regime of president Bashar al-Assad have gathered in the capital for talks to unite against the current leader.
Talking to a group of delegation of ANP here at his residence, the Senior Minister said attacks in Dir Upper, Orakzai and Gawadar during Ramazanul Mubarak have exposed the evil mindsets of terrorists as they have no regards for religion, humanity and urged political parties to unite against the enemy of peace.
Don't know why a group from Luton and a bunch of Stokies are coming to Birmingham and am equally confused as to why the Unite Against Freespeech (yes, I think I've got that correct ) feel the need to counter-demonstrate a protest against extremism.
About 60 protesters from the Liverpool Anti-facists and Merseyside Unite Against Facism held posters and chanted.
Summary: BEIRUT: Hizbullah and Amal officials in the south urged the Lebanese to unite against conspiracies Wednesday.
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