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unify someone or something into something

to combine people or things into a united whole. The mayor unified his party into a powerful force. I unified the committee into a strong body.
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Kevin's experience and reputation in value selling for growth-oriented software companies made him the ideal candidate to join the Unify team," said Todd Wille, CEO of Unify.
Unify and GUPTA provide software development and data management solutions to a global base of customers, partners and distributors.
The merger of Unify and HALO is expected to provide customers with increased services, more technical resources and a more powerful set of solutions for automating business processes and developing new applications.
Unify NXJ Composer enables a Lotus Notes developer to leverage their business expertise and build new Lotus Notes-like applications in the J2EE environment with virtually no hand coding.
With its innovative products, established customer base, and talented management team, Unify is a natural continuation of HALO's acquisition strategy.
Unify NXJ is a comprehensive software development platform that includes reporting, interactive forms processing, workflow management, web services and SOA.
Unify NXJ Composer quickly converts the Lotus Notes database, forms, formula language and LotusScript to a J2EE-based, relational database application that integrates with the overall enterprise architecture and leverages existing IBM hardware and software investments such as AIX, WebSphere and DB2.
Unify NXJ Composer incorporates a familiar development paradigm that allows Lotus Notes developers to rapidly transition to J2EE and leverage their development skills in order to maintain their unparalleled productivity and business contribution.
E[acute accent]Ensim, the leader in service-enablement and automation software solutions, today announced the release of Ensim Unify Express.
Unify NXJ 11 provides a state-of-the-art Security Integration Management System and comprehensive development and orchestration for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
Unify DataServer is an enterprise relational database management solution for organizations deploying high-volume, transaction-based applications.
A central focus of the event is business process intelligence (BI), service-oriented architecture (SOA), and security management, in addition to showcasing the latest release of Unify's business process automation platform, Unify NXJ.
The newly released version of the Encalaber product is a powerful web-based LIS utilizing the Unify DataServer database and running on Linux and browser-based technologies.
With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart, SoftGen offers Unify extensive reach, an established reseller program and expertise selling development tools as well as solutions, including its Tickit risk management system.