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get under way

To start. Let's get under way here—you have an hour to complete the exam. I'm sure you can ask your question once the lecture gets under way.
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be under way

To be currently happening or in progress. When we arrived, the movie was already under way, so we decided to wait for a later viewing. Negotiations to end the strike are under way, with both sides hoping to reach a deal with the end of the week.
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be under ˈway

have started and be now progressing or taking place: A major search is under way to find the escaped prisoners.Negotiations are under way to resolve the dispute.
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The Maghreb countries lag their regional peers in terms of project-driven economic stimulus, with the value of projects underway there typically below 20 per cent of GDP.
Sheikh Salim bin Ufait Al Shanfari added that work is underway to implement internal roads project, public parks and lighting project in the wilayat of Mirbat.
ADA accessibility surveys have been developed and recruitment and training for people with disabilities to perform accessibility surveys under the direction of an ADA Coordinator is underway.
He said that various projects were underway to meet growing energy demands in the country.
The minister said that work on Thar Coal project was also underway as it was a cheap source to generate power.
There's a $70 million garage renovation underway on eight garages, a $60-million contract for a 40-megawatt generating facility and a whole series of other projects.
Renovation is underway on the existing structures, while ground will be broken in January, 2006 for the next phase.
Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) Kirkland Lake district resident geologist Gerhard Meyer says, in addition to the mining and exploration work already underway by Kirkland Lake Gold, there is considerable exploration work underway elsewhere in Timiskaming.
Talking to a private TV channel, the provincial minister underlined that development projects are underway with full pace in all over the province.
And, at University of Arizona Science Center, Tucson, Arizona, schematic design is underway for a 166,000-square-foot interactive learning center in downtown Tucson.
Bodnarchuk says discussions about the mural and land acquisition for parking are currently underway between the town and Abitibi Consolidated.
PESHAWAR, June 17, 2009 (Frontier Star) --Search operation is underway in Peshawar to flush out militants and detailed survey has started against families residing in rented houses.
In the wake of the state senate's cold shoulder to plans to build a temporary office tower next door, John Clarkson, program director of capital master planning for the UN, said one possible scenario could be for the UN to rent a chunk or chunks of space in proximity to its current eastside location while the renovation is underway.