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DOGGIE PADDLE Fortunately, it's not difficult to teach a dog how to dive, and you needn't worry about your dog's ability to get the job done underwater.
Ayoub bin Nagmosh al- Busaidi, Supervisor of maritime Archaeology Program reviewed the efforts to safeguard underwater heritage culture in the Sultanate through the study and dissemination of discoveries knowledge and maritime discoveries of ancient human civilizations and documenting them to protect peoples' culture.
This training is ideal for skilled divers who need to learn underwater inspection and evaluation techniques for bridges to meet NBIS requirements.
Paul "Doc" Wittekind played underwater hockey as a student at Ohio State University.
It has been reported the potential cost of building even the smallest underwater hotel design, consisting of two discs, will be between US $50 to $80 million.
The unique location in the heart of a vibrant coral reef will allow guests enjoy both the tropical weather as well as the colourful underwater world.
Muscat: The first underwater hotel project in the Sultanate has been put on hold, according to BIG InvestConsult AG, which represents the revolutionary Water Discus concept of underwater leisure projects developed by Poland's Deep Ocean Technologies (DOT).
A group wedding has been held 12 metres underwater off the beach in the city of Trang in southern Thailand.
The concrete, epoxy lined spent fuel basin and handling ponds were relined underwater by nuclear divers as dewatering was not a viable option.
We have just completed the construction of the mosqueC* when we put the final touches on it, it was time for afternoon prayers, so we performed group prayers in the first underwater mosque in history.
Underwater, rocky reefs support a mix of sponge species.
Summary: See the wonders of the nature at night at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, one of the world's largest indoor aquariums featuring over 33,000 aquatic animals.
Gunther the Underwater Elephant" is a charming, color-illustrated adventure story about a little elephant who uses his trunk as a snorkel to breathe while he swims underwater.
Interest in robotics is taking a dive, and not in a negative way, but in an underwater way.