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undertake to do something

to try to do something; to take the responsibility of doing something. The carpenter undertook to repair the door frame. I will undertake to fix it.
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iv) assist in the preparation of preliminary design and cost estimates for sample projects covering water supply, sewerage/sanitation, and solid waste, or undertake quality check of the available engineering designs (undertaken by the government) prior to undertaking identified advance procurement actions, (v) work closely with the international Procurement Specialist on procurement to scope out the specifications, functional guarantees, and performance parameters of the performance-based contract.
In addition, during the Interim Period, the Company and its Controlled Entities will not make any payments to their respective creditors nor will any of them undertake any obligations to do so unless the Company provides the Trustees with Advance Notice, except for the following:
Taipei, July 6, 2011 (CENS) -- The mainland branches of some domestic banks will be able to undertake renminbi-related businesses from early next year, said Lee Jih-chu, vice chairperson of the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), yesterday (July 5).
ADRENALINE junkies are wanted to undertake a 240ft charity abseil.
Even when forest health was discussed as directly affecting camper safety by decreasing fire danger, most administrators noted that they simply did not have the funds to undertake forestry projects and preferred to put their money to work in other areas of program and property development.
I READ Fiona from Blantyre's letter on driving standards with interest and would just like to ask her who 'forced' these drivers to undertake on motorways?
But as such, the book combines a compelling readability with sharp insights into the history of emotional life which should shape our understanding of why young men were willing to undertake the mortal risks of war.
While MMM has undertaken projects in Northern Ontario almost continuously from our inception in 1952, our agreement with Doug provides us with a stronger northern presence and a base from which to undertake new assignments together.
The Center for Civil-Military Relations (CCMR), Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, was commissioned to undertake this project.
The government in Washington must understand that it is uniquely unqualified to undertake the task of facilitating the establishment of civil policing in the nation of Iraq.
No matter what else I choose to do--make a retreat, support a special charity, study the life of a particular saint, or attend daily Mass--I will certainly undertake a fast.
How significant it seems, then, that knowledge-giving travel is associated with literature either as a report on journeys of discovery or as virtual journeys that readers of the Iliad and the works of Richard Wright may undertake, just as Wright himself did, to learn some cartography of identity and reality.
Volunteers would then undertake a regimen to return their T cell counts to 350 cells/[mm.
A dedicated sequence and bioinformatics facility being developed at CDC will be used to undertake this effort and to begin constructing a genomic signature database, not only for smallpox but also, over time, for other pathogens with bioterrorism potential.
However, after its string of ineffective fiscal remedies, the additional bureaucracy necessary to manage this policy might be the best expenditure Japan's government could undertake today.