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on the understanding that

Dependent on agreement to a specific named condition. I'm willing to lend you the money, on the understanding that it will be repaid with interest. His parents agreed to pay for his college tuition, on the understanding that he would pursue a career in medicine.
See also: on, that, understanding

come to an understanding with (someone)

To reach an agreement or compromise with someone. With the way they're arguing, I think it'll be awhile before they're able come to an understanding.
See also: come, understanding

reach an understanding

To achieve some state of mutual agreement (with someone) about something, especially after a period of discussion, debate, negotiation, etc. I've reached an understanding with my ex-wife about how we'll handle raising the kids. We've tried to be diplomatic with the other party during these negotiations, but we're finding it possible to reach an understanding.
See also: reach, understanding

the foggiest understanding

A basic, vague, or rudimentary understanding (about something). Often used in negative constructions. Do you have the foggiest understanding of how much this mistake is going to cost the company? Even though I could speak a little Japanese, I didn't have the foggiest understanding what the woman was talking about.
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come to an understanding

(with someone) Go to reach an understanding with someone.
See also: come, understanding

reach an understanding with someone

 and come to an understanding (with someone)
to achieve a settlement or an agreement with someone. I hope we are able to reach an understanding with the commissioners. We were able to reach an understanding with Tony.
See also: reach, understanding

on the underˈstanding that...

(formal) used to introduce a condition that must be agreed before something else can happen: They agreed to the changes on the understanding that they would be introduced gradually.
See also: on, understanding


n. the feet. (Old. A pun. Always singular.) The boy has a good understanding. Majorly big gunboats, in fact.
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That sort of rudimentary understanding kept it from being a mysterious and threatening event, the way it must have been in the old days.
By understanding the key tasks and challenges of the program manager, and--most important--the competencies required to be successful within it, an organization can create a career development framework with training and development programs focused on addressing the principal job challenges.
This included the use of characteristics of theories of change to create a context of contemporary change in the classroom to aid students' understanding and insights for change.
Under the old standard, the purpose of gaining an understanding of the client's internal control was to plan the audit.
32) Not only is Yoder's insistence that "the state" does not need legitimacy true to the New Testament's understanding of the powers, but his position realistically provides the concrete way to make a political difference.
Coverage of multicultural organizational development and activism provides an excellent background for the reader to gain an understanding of the importance of the role of multiculturalism in counseling and therapy.
This course is said to be of benefit to those involved in product design, engineering, quality, technical support and sales and marketing; material suppliers, processors and manufacturers of finished and semi-finished products/components; manufacturers considering TPEs as a replacement for vulcanized rubber; and anyone with an interest in TPEs wishing to gain a better understanding of the subject.
How has management thinking been transformed over the last 30 years, and how can this knowledge of transformation aid in our understanding of general management theories and innovations in the DoD?
We must differentiate the disciples' understanding of "liberate" from what Jesus draws out of the Jewish Scriptures.
Your choice of an interpreter and the measures you have taken to ensure your patient's understanding of the proceedings could be critical if your treatment should result in an adverse situation.
Insurers today are exploring a wide range of clinical risk-management programs designed to enhance physician/patient communications and help patients gain a better understanding of their medical care and surgical procedures.
Build an Asset Inventory: It's impossible to plan datacenter requirements without understanding your starting point.
Nearly half of all American adults--90 million people--have difficulty understanding and acting upon health information, notes the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in its report, "Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion.
For, in all mathematical settings, there is the possibility of nominal understanding (where one comes to know how to use mathematical names) and of explanatory understanding (where one comes to know what mathematical names mean).
Understanding this, we can see that regardless of how far fetched or bizarre their complaint is we may have difficulty understanding it unless we know what their expectation was.
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