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come to an understanding

(with someone) Go to reach an understanding with someone.
See also: come, understanding

reach an understanding with someone

 and come to an understanding (with someone)
to achieve a settlement or an agreement with someone. I hope we are able to reach an understanding with the commissioners. We were able to reach an understanding with Tony.
See also: reach, understanding

on the underˈstanding that...

(formal) used to introduce a condition that must be agreed before something else can happen: They agreed to the changes on the understanding that they would be introduced gradually.
See also: on, understanding


n. the feet. (Old. A pun. Always singular.) The boy has a good understanding. Majorly big gunboats, in fact.
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In that process, money and credit aggregates play a substantial role and have proved over the years to be useful in framing the relevant conceptual understanding of the way that the U.
Along this dimension, teacher thinking across the two years shift from initial views of their context as a blur of rapid activity toward understanding teaching as a balancing of demands in order to consciously punctuate the flow of teaching with points for reflection and possibilities for inquiry.
The strategic planning process is essential to understanding how to foster this more efficient and powerful interdisciplinary approach; how to eliminate barriers to cross-fertilization; how to enhance and hasten the multidirectional movement of science between the bench, the bedside, and the public; and how to develop mechanisms to prospectively identify interdisciplinary opportunities in environmental health sciences that will most substantially impact human health.
Editor's note: This is the first of two articles focused on understanding the population of individuals who live in the country as a lifestyle choice.
This necessary distribution of knowledge requires an understanding of various relevant functional roles, but also requires integrating several data sources or knowledge bases.
have a more comprehensive understanding of the client's business and its environment, including its internal control;
Understanding Arabs: A Guide For Modern Times by Margaret K.
Orthodox And Wesleyan Scriptural Understanding And Practice
But it may be broadly described as using knowledge gained at the bench of basic research--a mechanistic understanding of disease--to improve clinical applications at the "bedside" or enhance disease prevention in the community.
Gary Storhoff's Understanding Charles Johnson is another addition to the Understanding Contemporary American Literature series.
1) In my first response to Stout I thanked him for forcing me to revisit some of the early and, I hope, continuing influences on me that determine my understanding of how Christians should negotiate this allegedly democratic society.
Part IV is the conclusion, providing an understanding of individuals in their context as a relational perspective of multicultural counseling and psychotherapy.
The answer begins with a clear understanding of the unique responsibilities of each--and the differences.
Among the many ideas that Hahnemann included in his guidelines for homeopathic practitioners are the understanding that to effectively treat illness, the whole person--mind and body--must be considered, environmental factors must be considered in treatment, and the homeopath must understand the difference between suppression of symptoms and cure of disease.
But to me, that's a small price to pay for coming away from the interview with a complete understanding of the topic.
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