under nose

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(right) under someone's (very) nose

1. Fig. right in front of someone. I thought I'd lost my purse, but it was sitting on the table under my very nose. How did Mary fail to see the book? It was right under her nose.
2. Fig. in someone's presence. The thief stole Jim's wallet right under his nose. The jewels were stolen from under the very noses of the security guards.
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under your nose

obvious or not hidden Sorry it took me so long to see what was right under my nose.
Usage notes: also used in the plural form under your noses: She has been right under our noses all this time!
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under somebody's nose

if something bad happens under your nose, it happens very close to you but you do not notice it I'm amazed that it was going on right under his nose all that while and he didn't realize.
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under (someone's) nose

In plain view: The keys are right under your nose.
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