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bloody but unbowed

Fig. showing signs of a struggle, but not defeated. (Originally referring to the head. From the poem Invictus by William Earnest Henley.) Liz emerged from the struggle, her head bloody but unbowed. We are bloody but unbowed and will fight to the last.
See also: bloody, but, unbowed

bloodied but unbowed

harmed but not defeated by an unpleasant situation or competition I emerged bloodied but unbowed from my oral exam.
See also: bloody, but, unbowed
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That is our common heritage and we should be proud and unbowed in the face of attacks from those who oppose us," Ambassador Keyes said.
She is a survivor, abused, but not beaten, bloody, but unbowed.
Unbowed, Drudge returned to the gay angle of the story the next day.
Perhaps too these interviews are engaging precisely because of the stratified oddities that are the substance of Elizabeth Bishop: she is tense, amused, abrasive, perceptive, unbowed, eccentric, disappointed, profound, haunted, honest, scarred, out of patience, persnickety, stoical, totally unredeemed by anything other than hard-won words pulled like a sword from the stone of life.
NEW YORK(FNS)--Caught in a market decline that shook up Wall Street's steadiest performers, home furnishings manufacturers came out of the 5-week period ended July 16, bloodied but unbowed.
The pastors are bloodied but unbowed and intone with due gravity:
What can keep you - keep you - unbowed passing the poor low yards unbowed even if not unfazed as the clank train passes the thousand poor small yards of Camden so that they don't become the center or base or junked core and one smear-nosed child way down there alone chucking half a brick at a brown beer bottle doesn't get to sum up all we are and ever will be.
For the most part, African-American CEOs remained optimistic and unbowed in 1992.
However, Carver, who has guided his team to just two victories in 16 attempts in all competitions since taking over from Alan Pardew, remains unbowed in the midst of a developing crisis.
Addressing a crowd of dignitaries and locals from al-Safira city, Tal Aran and Tal Hassel areas in Aleppo, the governor said the locals of Aleppo will "remain unbowed by terrorism" hand in hand with the Syrian army until security and stability are restored.
Moeen, who has yet to make his Twenty20 debut due to the unoffi-cial status of this week's practice fixtures, accepts England's position among the outsiders but is unbowed by it.
BEDWORTH Travellers maintained their 100-per-cent Division Two record with a 6-0 flourish against previously unbowed leaders Hare & Hounds, Steve Brookes claiming a double as the closed the gap to three points with two games in hand.
When young it was different, unbowed, face the world And its worst, A miner, in the bowels of hell, a proper job, dangerous; Am I old, bitter, sad, lonely, aye aall of these marra
The death toll is horrendous but Japan will emerge from the ruins, united and unbowed.
HASHIM AMLA hit a near-flawless 119 not out for South Africa and Fawad Alam was unbowed on 59 when Pakistan were two runs shy of their 229 target on Tuesday, writes Max Oram.