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Hell hath no fury like a (certain type of person) scorned

No one will have a greater wrath or vengeance than (this type of person) when he or she has been wronged. A hyperbolic and often humorous play on the phrase "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," in which any person, demographic, or profession may be substituted for "woman." The university might think nothing of hiking up the cost of tuition, but we'll show them that Hell hath no fury like a broke college student scorned! The governor, after veering away from his party's core ideologies, is now discovering that Hell hath no fury like politicians scorned.
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set something in a type face

to set something in type, a particular style of type, or a particular font. Why not set this section in italics to make it stand out from the rest? Why was this paragraph set in bold type?
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set type

to arrange type for printing; to prepare finished pages for printing. Have you finished setting the type for page one yet? John sets type for a living.
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the strong, silent type

a strong, quiet man. Clark looks like the strong, silent type. Actually he is slightly deaf and that's fat, not muscle.
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true to form

exactly as expected; following the usual pattern. (Often with running, as in the example.) As usual, John is late. At least he's running true to form. And true to form, Mary left before the meeting was adjourned.
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type over something

to type one letter over another. Just type over the o with an e. No one will notice.
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type something into something

 and type something in
to insert information into a form or a place on a form by typing or keying it. Please type your name and address into this box. Please type in your name.
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type something out

to make some information presentable by typing or keying it. Please type this out before you submit it to the board for approval. Can you type out this report before quitting time?
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type something up

to type a handwritten document; to type a document, perhaps using a computer. I will give this to you as soon as I type it up. Please type up this document.
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true to form

as can be expected True to form, he tried to get out of helping wash the dishes.
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revert to type

if someone reverts to type, they return to their usual behaviour after a period of behaving in a different, usually better, way After several weeks without saying a rude word to anyone, he seems to have reverted to type.
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true to form/type

if someone does something true to form, they behave in the bad way that you would expect them to True to form, she turned up an hour later than we'd arranged.
See show in true colours
See also: form, true

strong silent type

A man of action who is reserved and masks his feelings. For example, Paula always preferred the strong silent type to more extroverted men. Almost never used for a woman, this expression may be obsolescent. [c. 1900]
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type in

To input something into a computer or similar device by typing: You can type in your query when the prompt appears on the screen. Type your name in and click the button to access your account.
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type out

1. To produce something by typing: I typed out an angry letter to the editor. It took the writer one month to type a manuscript out.
2. To express something in typewritten form: The lawyer typed out the client's statement. I typed the message out and posted it on the bulletin board for all to see.
3. To display something in full or expanded form by typing: You must type out your complete address on the credit card application. The editor was instructed to type each abbreviation out.
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type up

1. To compose a finished document from some set of notes by typing: I hired an assistant to type up my handwritten letters. The secretary typed the handwritten notes up.
2. To draft some kind of document by typing: We sat up all night typing up a charter for the organization. Do you have time to type a few letters up for me?
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n. a combining form indicating a specified type of person. (Colloquial.) He’s a caveman type. You know, sort of hairy and smelly.

(one's) type

A person to whom one should be sexually attracted or romantically inclined: With her interest in art, she should be just your type.
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