tie (one's) hands

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tie (one's) hands

1. Literally, to bind one at the hands, typically with rope or something similar. Tie his hands so he can't escape!
2. By extension, to prevent one from behaving or acting in a certain way. I really wish I could help you get a refund, but the company's strict returns policy has tied my hands. If the government would stop tying our hands with these burdensome regulations, our economy would actually have a chance to flourish for once!
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tie someone's hands

1. Lit. to use rope or string to tie someone's hands together. The robber tied my hands and I couldn't call the police.
2. Fig. to prevent someone from doing something. I'd like to help you, but my boss has tied my hands. Please don't tie my hands with unnecessary restrictions. I'd like the freedom to do whatever is necessary.
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tie one's hands

Prevent one from acting, as in I can't help you this time; my hands are tied by the club's rules. This metaphoric term transfers physical bondage to other kinds of constraint. It was first recorded in 1642.
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tie somebody’s ˈhands

(often used in the passive) stop somebody doing something, by taking away their power or freedom: Employers now have the right to dismiss workers who go on strike and this has tied the unions’ hands considerably.I’m afraid my hands are tied. I can’t allow anyone to bring visitors into the club. It’s against the rules. OPPOSITE: get, have, etc. a free hand
See also: hand, tie
References in classic literature ?
They have all been as bad as I:" which, by the way, was not true; for it seems this Will Atkins was the first man that laid hold of the captain when they first mutinied, and used him barbarously in tying his hands and giving him injurious language.
RAMALLAH, February 28, 2018 (WAFA) -- The Israeli prison administration at Nafha imposed new punitive measures against Wael Natsheh, including tying his hands and feet to an iron bed for a week, ban from visits for one month, a fine of $70 and charging him of hitting an Israeli officer, the Palestinian Prisoner's Society (PPS) said on Wednesday.
According to the police, the deceased was between 30 to 35 years, who had been murdered by tying his hands before dumping the body in the river.
Millar was charged with stealing 34p from John, putting a sock in his mouth, tying his hands and feet and bludgeoning him with a hammer.
By tying his hands and feet up with masking tape, Canterbury makes the task as hard as possible.
They forced their way in via a rear entrance and sprayed the cashier in the face with an unknown substance before tying his hands.
BOLTON boss Sam Allardyce has launched a stinging attack on the club's money men, who are tying his hands but still losing money.
After tying his hands behind his back they ransacked the premises, escaping with computers.