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tie on the (old) feed bag

slang To begin eating; to have a meal. I can't wait to get to grandma's and tie on the old feed bag. She always cooks the tastiest food! What do you say we tie on the feed bag before we head out?
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tie (oneself) in(to) knots

1. To make oneself confused, anxious, worried, and/or upset, as when trying to make a decision, come up with an idea, or resolve an issue. Now don't go tying yourself into knots over the details of your papers—at this point, all you need is a cohesive outline. We've tied ourselves in knots this past week trying to choose who to hire, but I think we've reached a decision.
2. To befuddle oneself while attempting to explain something (to someone). Primarily heard in UK. Jim's a smart guy, but for some reason, he always ties himself into knots whenever I ask him to explain something on the computer for me.
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tie (someone) in(to) knots

To make someone confused, anxious, worried, and/or upset. I've been planning on proposing to James on Sunday, but the nervousness is tying me into knots! It's something about the austere way the boss talks that always ties you into knots.
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tie up (some/a few) loose ends

To take care of, finish, or resolve some issues or pieces of business that are not critical but have remained outstanding. I'm just about ready to move to Europe, but I need to tie up some loose ends with my ex-girlfriend before I go. The legal team is still tying up a few loose ends in the merger contract, but, other than that, we are ready to move ahead with the deal.
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The makers of extrusion or open-end horizontal balers tout the automation of the machines, and this extends to the tying system.
Recyclers are paying extra upfront for additional automation, but ideally they save on labor costs and wire costs if the wire tying systems are configured to use wire efficiently.
A reliable automatic tying system is so crucial that Erik Eenkema van Dijk of Van Dyk Baler Corp.
Most two-ram balers are configured with an automated tying system made by manufacturers such as U.
Makers of extrusion balers offer unique variations of automated tying systems, according to Sierra's Richard Harris.
If he decided to push himself in that direction, Logan could be a landmark figure in fly tying.
Logan's answer to why he spends 150 hours tying an artificial bug that will never see a trout stream is a bit Zen like, having more to do with the journey than the destination.
I'm trying to see how far you can push tying as a method,'' says Logan.
Fishing western water such as the Madison River in Montana, Logan refined his tying techniques for fishing flies.
For the tier who's tying for fishing, as long as the fly is halfway decent and it's on hook, it doesn't matter,'' Delano said.
He has come a long way from his Reseda teen-age days of tying at 55 cents a fly for Fishermen's Spot in Van Nuys and Ned Grey's Sierra Tackle in Montrose, when his skills were first well publicized in a 1977 Field and Stream feature.
The tying instruction resumes with Fish Guy warning Buzzy not to lean too close to the vise with his tongue sticking out or he might lash it to the hook with tying thread.
The tying of each pattern is demonstrated from beginning to end, followed by a review of the most important steps.
The next one would be more advanced tying,'' he says.