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n. someone who uses strong persuasion. I hate to seem like an arm-twister, but I really need your help on this project.


and brain-teaser
n. a puzzle, especially one that requires thinking. Can you help me with this brain-teaser? I can spend my whole vacation doing brain-twisters.


1. n. a key. (Underworld.) Marlon snatched the jailer’s twisters and waited until midnight to try something.
2. n. a tornado. A twister touched down yesterday at an isolated farm seventy miles north of Adamsville.
3. n. a drunken spree. (see also bender.) Harry’s off on a twister again.
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Luxoft's Twister for OpenFlow framework delivers several important benefits for telecom-related businesses:
The twister was likely to be a funnel cloud - condensed water droplets extending from the base of a cumulus or cumulonimbus cloud.
I think from a dog trainer's point of view, the speed at which Twister started to indicate with the bats, he was very, very fast.
Reyn Guyer said of the game, 'Most things that are a success break some kind of rule, Twister broke the rule that you shouldn't get close to others in public - in Twister you get wrapped up in them but it's all in fun.
Most of Tornado Alley's twisters form from supercells that develop on spring afternoons--when the sun's heat has had plenty of time to warm the surface air.
He bought his Twister last December and, with the help of his sons and wife, already has put 200 hours on the machine.
Brooks suggests that the exact probabilities of being hit by a twister in extremely low-risk areas such as Nevada should be taken with a grain of salt.
The primary concern of tornado researchers and storm chasers is to save lives by providing better warning systems in advance of twisters.
A Twister or Jurassic Park is designed like a virtual roller-coaster ride--which is exactly what the audience wants.
By moving the back board on the twister the strands will be twisted in a clockwise direction.
More than 6 million FujiFilm 3+1 packs and QuickSnap cameras will contain a coupon good for $6 toward the purchase of a Twister video.
Twister is the ultimate in action movies, a big budget extravaganza in which the earth really does move.
COM, a web portal property of Jackpot Capital Casino today released a new article, advising its readership to check out Jackpot Capital's latest Game of the Month - Triple Twister.
Cutex Twister with SPA Formula is the latest in the company's arsenal of cleaning, strengthening and conditioning nail polish removers.
That's the premise of the new TBS movie ``Atomic Twister.