twist off

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twist something off (of) something

 and twist something off
to take something off something by twisting. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Fran twisted the top off of the bottle of mineral water and poured it. She twisted off the top.
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They twist off the ropes and tackle one another, slamming into the sweat-slicked mat with mighty crashes.
Emmerson notes that the twist off caps reveal the classic American game "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to help consumers resolve pressing concerns--like who will buy the next round.
No longer is it an effort to twist off a cap that was closed to tight.
To use, simply twist off the protective cover, place the device against the patient's sample site and press the colored button to retrieve the blood sample.
No more crumbs of toast in the jam jar, no stiff lids to twist off - just pure fruity jam.
Davis says the various soil formations that were drilled through, including sand, gravel and a shelf of rock all contributed to the twist off.
By focusing on the way Berkley's customers interact with various fishing lines, we were able to develop and present the twist off solution while staying true to Natralock's shelf presence and sustainability.
A hole in the middle is sized to twist off 2-liter bottle caps.