twine around

twine around something

to weave or coil around something. The snake twined around the branch. As the vine grew, it twined around the lamppost.
See also: around
References in classic literature ?
The arm Louisa had begun to twine around her neck, unbent itself.
Wrap with solid paper and tie bakers twine around the gift.
We'll be wrapping twine around them so the peas can pull themselves up step by step, rather than growing long tips casting around in mid-air, searching for something to grab on to.
Wrap twine around the jar, handwrite your message on a basic tag and secure it with a small wooden clothes peg or tie it on.
Push or hammer in, then wrap twine around support to secure it Clip on your clothespins.
Well, firstly, it is not self-supporting - the stems need a support to twine around.
Twine jar Take an old jam jar or plant pot and wrap twine around the entire jar, starting at the bottom and working your way right up to the top.
The largest group of climbing vines makes use of their stems and twine around a support.
Before selecting a particular specimen, decide what type of climber most suits your purpose because they climb in four distinct ways: * Those that twine around supports, spiralling upwards like honeysuckle, jasmine and wisteria.
Secure by firmly lying butchers twine around leaves.
Danny Daw, 49, had baling twine around his neck when found at The Watercourse in the town on April 13.
It still continues to twine around us as we homestead in Montana.
The band - noted for performing with twine around their trousers - said: "We are all very upset that scrumpy cider, being one of the few pleasures that we cherish down here on the farm in the West Country, is being hit by such a tax rise.
They are ideal to grow in a small garden as many are dwarf, or in the ornamental garden, where the climbing varieties will twine around supports and produce pretty flowers before the pods.