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twiddle one's thumbs

Fig. to pass the time by twirling one's thumbs. What am I supposed to do while waiting for you? Sit here and twiddle my thumbs? Don't sit around twiddling your thumbs. Get busy!
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twiddle with something

to play with something; to play with something, using one's fingers; to fiddle with something. I asked Jason to stop twiddling with the pencils. Someone is twiddling with the stereo controls.
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twiddle your thumbs

to do nothing Dan spent a whole day twiddling his thumbs, waiting for a package to be delivered.
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twiddle your thumbs

to have nothing useful to do while you are waiting for something to happen Until I get the go-ahead, I'm just sitting around twiddling my thumbs.
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twiddle one's thumbs

Be bored or idle, as in There I sat for three hours, twiddling my thumbs, while he made call after call. This expression alludes to the habit of idly turning one's thumbs about one another during a period of inactivity. [Mid-1800s]
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twiddle one’s thumbs

tv. to do nothing; to wait nervously, playing with one’s fingers. I sat twiddling my thumbs while you were out doing I don’t know what all!
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twiddle (one's) thumbs

To do little or nothing; be idle.
See also: thumb, twiddle
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DEALERS twiddled their thumbs today and the FTSE ended virtually unchanged down 0.
The cream of Tory talent hummed and hawed and twiddled their thumbs while a poor lorry driver tried to staple the Tory advert to his boards.
Bring it up,'' Demme ordered, as an assistant engineer twiddled a knob on the room-length mixing desk and the scene immediately sprang backward.
Sixties' guitar riffs help give the song a retro feel, while Orbit has twiddled all the right knobs to keep us on the dancefloor.
Elektra) was produced, engineered and mixed by Malcolm Burn, who has twiddled the knobs for Patti Smith, U2 and Iggy Pop.
Tony Visconti, sometime producer of David Bowie, T-Rex and Thin Lizzy, twiddled the knobs.
Parents twiddled their fingers while their children slithered through giant tubes.
Rucker, in olive green corduroys, navy pullover and USC Gamecocks baseball cap, twiddled a corkscrew as he spoke.