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tussle with someone or something

1. to struggle or battle with someone or something. Tim tussled with Roger for a while, and then they made peace. I tussled with the trunk, trying to get it into the attic.
2. Fig. to argue or contend with someone, a group, or something. (Fig. on {2}.) I tussled with my conscience all night. We tussled with the committee and won our point.
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Murray took just one game off 17-time grand slam champion Federer in the ATP World Tour Finals late last year, but refuses to accept that will colour the pair's last-four Wimbledon tussle.
The two UPA allies have been locked in a tussle over the seats to be contested by each party in the upcoming Maharashtra Assembly elections, with NCP demanding at least 144 out of the 288 seats to be contested.
Unfortunately, when you are in a tussle for the No13 jersey off him (O'Driscoll), some rarely poor form isn't good enough.
It would certainly compel the players to play for other countries if the tussles for power continue," Saadi Abbas warned.
The tussle broke out over alleged delay in frisking of a Customs official by CISF and checking of entry and exit passes of CISF officials by Customs officials.
The tussle involves standards essential patents covering H.
Bale lined up against Rugby's Matt Lever and in a nip and tuck tussle beat him 21-18 while Winn accounted for his brother and clubmate Martin by 21-15.
ISLAMABAD -- The tussle between Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), Hydro Carbon Development Institute (HDIP) and Explosives department to get billions of rupees through safety inspection of CNG stations has halted the annual inspection process.
That is according to co-promoter Stephen Vaughan Junior who says their tussle for the vacant light-middleweight Masters title could be another small hall classic.
Summary: CAIRO - Egypt's stock market has fell by more than three per cent as the country's diplomatic tussle with neighbouring Israel over the death of several Egyptian soldiers weighed on investor sentiment.
Even as Sai Baba was lying in the intensive care unit for last four weeks, his abode Puttaparthi was agog with rumours of siphoning of funds and a behind-the-scene tussle on who would succeed him.
Greenberg Evokes Anniversary of Ryan-Ventura Tussle on Auction Day (http://bizofbaseball.
He said it is good news for the nation that any impression of a tussle between judiciary and executive has been dispelled.
A tussle between them can harm democracy in the country," he added.
Summary: The outdoor clothing retailer has resurrected fundraising efforts after a bitter power tussle with its largest shareholder Sports Direct.