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n. the buttocks. (Probably from Yiddish.) I fell down right on my tush.
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And the Tushie diaper I was using as a bandage needed changing--blood had seeped through in a few places and had dried black-cherry-black.
Tushies cotton blend diapers feature extra thick padding providing a more natural absorbency.
which supplies chlorine-free and gel-free diapers under the Tushies and TenderCare brands.
Towels are the only required accessory in camp - not only to protect soft tushies from sun-baked seats, but to allow for hygiene, Balfour said.
And Jesus has a chance to put everything back in its proper order--the men were to sit on their fat tushies and listen to rabbis while the women were to make sure the men could do so in comfort.
uk); Tushies, which are biodegradable except for plastic tabs which can be removed (www.
In Albert Goldman's profile of him, "radio" is the open-sesame word that unlocks his impressionist id, which gets him riffing the voices from The Jack Benny Show--"smoothie Jack, fruity Dennis"--and goofing about a Jewish version of Jean Genet's The Balcony called The Terrace, about a brothel catering to nice Jewish boys that sprinkles their tushies before dressing them for dreamland in their Dr.