put/set/turn your mind to something

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put one's mind to something

 and set one's mind to something
Fig. to concentrate on doing something; to give the doing of something one's full attention. I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. I will set my mind to it and finish by noon.
See also: mind, put

put your mind to something

start to concentrate on something.
See also: mind, put, something

put/set/turn your ˈmind to something

give all your effort and attention to something or to achieving something: You could be a very good writer if you put your mind to it.He can turn his mind to the detail if he has to.
See also: mind, put, set, something, turn
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Turn your mind to something else and stop over-analysing the situation.
It may be better if you turn your mind to something you "can" do.