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turn someone or something to something

to aim someone or something to face something. The nurse turned the old man to the sun so he could get warm. Ken turned the plant to the light.
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turn to

Fig. to begin to get busy. Come on, you guys! Turn to! Let's get to work. If you people will turn to, we can finish this work in no time at all.
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turn to someone or something (for something)

to seek or expect something from someone or something. I turned to Sally for advice. I turn to my dictionary for help two or three times a day.
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turn to somebody/something

to go to someone or use something in order to get help Some young people turn to Jesus, others turn to drugs. In times of stress, we turn to these principles for guidance.
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turn to

1. Begin work, apply oneself to, as in Next he turned to cutting wood for the fire. This usage was first recorded in 1667.
2. Refer to, consult, as in She turned to the help-wanted ads. This usage was first recorded in 1631.
3. Appeal to, apply to for help, as in At a time like this one turns to one's closest friends, or We'll have to turn to the French consulate for more information. This usage was first recorded in 1821. Also see turn to good account.
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turn to

1. To change the setting of something, such as a mechanical device, to some other setting by or as if by turning a dial: Please turn the iron to a lower setting so you don't burn the shirt. That night, everyone had their TVs turned to channel 5 to watch the news.
2. To progress through pages so as to arrive at some place: I turned to the next page to read the rest of the story. Please turn your textbooks to page 31.
3. To direct one's gaze to something by rotating or pivoting: The spectators turned to the sky as the jet flew overhead.
4. To devote or apply someone or something to someone or something: We turned our efforts to charity and community education.
5. To devote or apply oneself to someone or something: I wasn't very good in math, so I turned to biology.
6. To channel one's attention, interest, or thought to something: In the spring, we turn to thoughts of love.
7. To convert to some religion: He recently turned to Buddhism.
8. To switch one's loyalty to some other side or party: Many disillusioned voters have turned to third parties.
9. To have recourse to someone or something for help, support, or information: Whom will you turn to when you are in need?
10. To cause someone or something to take on some nature or appearance; change or transform someone or something to something: The low temperature has turned the river to ice.
11. To take on some nature or appearance: The tree's leaves turned to brown in the fall.
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After a short distance pass a turn to the right and then after about 1/2 mile pass a left turn to Rowington.
Continue on to take the second turn to the right into Mill Lane for Little Shrewley and then continue as indicated above.
Pass a right turn to Flints Green (Back Lane), and, after about one mile, take a left turn into Benton Green Lane and carry on to reach the B4101 and here turn right.
Pass a right turn to Flints Green, (Back Lane) and after approximately one mile, take a left turn into Benton Green Lane and carry on to reach the B4101 and here turn right.
After approximately two and a quarter miles, and passing a left turn to Preston Bagot en route, you come to the A4189 at Blackford Hill and here turn right for Henley-in-Arden.