turn the tables

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turn the tables (on someone)

Fig. to cause a reversal in someone's plans; to make one's plans turn back on one. I went to Jane's house to help get ready for a surprise party for Bob. It turned out that the surprise party was for me! Jane really turned the tables on me! Turning the tables like that requires a lot of planning and a lot of secrecy.
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turn the tables (on somebody/something)

to change a situation so that someone's position is the opposite of what it was She turned the tables by playing a better game and recently has won most of her matches. Hendricks turned the tables on the media when he borrowed a camera from a TV crew and started filming. Dan was always the one in trouble, but now the tables are turned and he's doing very well.
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turn the tables

Reverse a situation and gain the upper hand, as in Steffi won their previous three matches but today Mary turned the tables and prevailed. This expression alludes to the former practice of reversing the table or board in games such as chess, thereby switching the opponents' positions. [c. 1600]
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Friday, the Angels (49-45) erased a 5-0 deficit and appeared poised to turn the tables.
The JetHawks appeared to be poised to turn the tables, but a standout performance from starting pitcher Phil Stockman was wasted by a poor outing from the bullpen and some sloppy defense in a 5-3 loss to the Stockton Ports in front of 616 at Billy Hebert Field.
The only event that could turn the tables is the advent of a SERM drug with a much stronger estrogenic action exclusively on bone, and such a molecule is not very likely to be found.
We'd like to turn the tables and be the individuals for a change that are on top of the activity in a series, and find themselves with more of the command than fighting from behind.
Help America Turn the Tables," the advertisement builds on calls from President Bush, New York Mayor Giuliani and other national, state and local leaders for all Americans to dine in restaurants as a way to boost and maintain the economy.
More distracting, when Hansel and Gretel turn the tables on the Witch, the triumphant serenade of newly liberated children, performed by the Los Angeles Children's Chorus, was faint to the point of being inaudible, leaving at least this viewer's heartstrings unplucked.
Early segment topics will include how to turn the tables on telemarketers, the summer Olympics, what people really earn, and September cover subject actress Kirsten Dunst.
And when you turn the tables on the 51-year-old Thompson, you quickly understand why he's been chosen by his peers as the best in the state at what he does.
Wouldn't it be fun to turn the tables on the Joker and make him take orders?
Triumph is best known for his shameless schmoozing with guests on Late Night, showering them with compliments only to turn the tables with his trademark punchline for me to poop on