turn the knife

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turn/twist the knife

to do or say something unpleasant which makes someone who is already upset feel worse Having made the poor girl cry, he twisted the knife by saying she was weak and unable to cope with pressure.
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Graham Kavanagh, Richard Langley, Danny Gabbidon and Alan Lee were all on hand to really turn the knife.
To turn the knife just one more time, Brits who turned in their handguns on this plan were paid second-hand resale value less 15 percent.
Turn the knife over, and the dull edge doubles as a mallet for tenderizing tough meats.
Apparently old Nancy is setting out to turn the knife in Sven's back, to mock him.
And it is now clear the party is determined to turn the knife on itself in order to cut out the deep problems which could even cost it the next General Election.
Dundee keeper Robert Douglas made a hash of an Albertz corner and the Mac was there to turn the knife.