turn off

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turn someone off

to dull someone's interest in someone or something. The boring prof turned me off to the subject. The preacher set out to turn off the congregation to sin.
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turn something off

to switch something off so that it stops running or operating. Please turn the light off. Turn off the lights as you leave.
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turn off (something) (some place)

to walk or steer one's vehicle off a route at a particular place. Turn off the highway at the first exit after the city. Let's turn off here. We turned off the path just past the big oak tree.
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turn off something

to walk or turn a vehicle one way or another so that one leaves the road or route to another. You are supposed to turn off the highway at the yellow mailbox.
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turn off

(something) onto something to walk or steer one's vehicle from one route to another. I turned off the main highway onto a side road. Ann turned off onto the shoulder.
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turn off

[for something] to go off; to switch off. All the lights turn off automatically.
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turn off

1. Stop the operation, activity, or flow of; shut off, as in Turn off the lights when you leave. [Mid-1800s]
2. Affect with dislike, revulsion, or boredom; cause to lose interest. For example, That vulgar comedian turned us off completely, or The movie was all right for an hour or so, but then I was turned off. [Slang; mid-1900s]
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turn off

1. To leave some course or direction: Turn off at the next exit.
2. To stop the operation, activity, or flow of something: She turned off the television. He turned the radio off.
3. Slang To affect someone with dislike, displeasure, or revulsion: That song really turns me off. The editorial turned off many readers.
4. Slang To affect someone with boredom: The boring lecture turned off the class. The movie turned the audience off.
5. Slang turn off to To lose interest in something: My family turned off to boating once we started swimming more.
6. Slang turn off to To cause someone to lose interest in something: Breaking my leg turned me off to skiing. I looked forward to going to the beach, but after seeing all the drunk college students there, I got really turned off.
7. Slang To cease paying attention: Whenever you don't like what I say, you just turn off.
8. Slang To cause someone to lose sexual interest: Pickup lines turn me off. His rude behavior turned off everyone he tried to pick up.
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SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark , the most ambitious production ever undertaken on Broadway, is currently in previews at the Foxwoods Theatre on West 43rd Street.
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Turn off dynamic wallpapers by going to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and then Choose Wallpaper.
The Fairfield Echo, part of Cox Ohio Publishing, will turn off non- essential lights.
United Center - will turn off the lights on its famous Michael Jordan statue for Earth Hour.
Under Settings > Cellular > Turn off the Enable 3G/4G option.
If you see sparks, broken or frayed wires, or smell hot insulation, turn off the electricity at either the main fuse box or circuit breaker.
As his condition deteriorated to critical, doctors offered to turn off the life-support machine.
If you are without power we urge you to turn off or unplug electrical appliances and sensitive electronics, such as air conditioners, stoves, televisions and computers to assist in a smooth restoration of power," said Director Sanko.
In the mid-1990s, the city installed an energy management system that included motion monitors to turn off lights in unused rooms.
In fruit flies, for example, females do not turn off an X chromosome, and males hyperactivate their single copy so that it does the job of two.
The system will allow the long haul trucker to make routine rest stops on the road and turn off his engine without giving up the use of any of the electrical appliances that ensure safe and comfortable working conditions.
Turn off PCs, monitors, printers, and copiers when not in use or not needed.
The county of Los Angeles may have to turn off power to hospitals, jails and other county facilities after paying nearly $14 million in penalties to keep its electricity on during the past two months.
But he adds that the manufacturer had recommended that NASA turn off the transmitters during such procedures, advice followed previously without problems.