turn loose

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turn somebody/something loose

also turn loose somebody/something
to give up control of someone or something, so they can do what they want He turned the horse loose in the field. The trouble began when the newspaper turned loose a dozen reporters to investigate the incident.
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We've teamed up with Coinstar, whose revolutionary machines turn loose change into Asda shopping vouchers, to give away the fantastic prize.
Then you have to turn loose the reins and let your people perform.
when I do buy some I hate to turn loose the unused ones and I sure don't like to keep them in that little, tiny 1/2 pint container.
Again, ATP binding instigates a critical event--in this case, causing the empty ring to tilt in such a way that it forces the companion ring to turn loose its captive protein, the recent experiments show.
Attendees will be able see how self-service coin redemption allows gamers to turn loose coin into cash.
Fortunately, the new Camaro offers plenty to turn loose with a base 3.
I cannot explain to you the relief that flowed through me as I was able to turn loose of my fear, my despair, my heartache.