turn into

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turn into someone or something

to change into someone or something. After work is over, he turns into a fairly nice person. The room turned into a very pleasant place when the lights were dimmed.
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turn someone or something into someone or something

to change someone or something into someone or something else. The magician tried to turn Ginny into a robin. She turned the parrot into a dove.
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turn into

1. To direct one's way or course into something: The truck turned into the gas station.
2. To cause someone or something to take on some character, nature, identity, or appearance; change or transform someone or something into someone or something: The designer turned a rundown house into a show place. We turned the spare room into a nursery.
3. To change into something or someone; become transformed into something or someone: The night turned into day. In the story, straw turns into gold.
4. To convert something into something: The singers turned their talent into extra money.
5. To pour, let fall, or otherwise release something into some receptacle: The chef turned the soup into the dish.
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After a short distance take right turn into Rouncil Lane.