turn back

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turn someone or something back

to cause someone or something to stop and go back; to cause someone or something to retreat. The border guards turned us back because we had no passports. They turned back the bus because the bridge was down.
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turn back (from some place)

to stop one's journey and return. We turned back from the amusement park so we could go home and get the tickets we had forgotten. We turned back at the last minute.
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turn one's back

 (on someone or something)
1. Lit. to turn one's body so that one's back faces someone or something. I turned my back on the dead horse and walked slowly away. I turned my back on the shouting man and left the room.
2. Fig. to abandon or ignore someone or something. Don't turn your back on your old friends. Bob has a tendency to turn his back on serious problems. This matter needs your attention. Please don't just turn your back.
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turn back

1. Reverse one's direction, as in We had to turn back earlier than expected. [First half of 1500s]
2. Drive someone back or away, as in They turned back anyone who didn't have an invitation, or Our forces soon turned back the enemy. [First half of 1500s]
3. Fold down, as in Turn back the page you're on to keep your place in the magazine. [Second half of 1800s] Also see turn one's back on.
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turn back

1. To abandon one's way, course, or direction and return: The road became too muddy, and we had to turn back. Once you sign the contract, you cannot turn back.
2. To force someone or something to stop and go back: Our surprise attack turned back the advancing army. The police turned us back at the border because we forgot our passports.
3. To fold something down: Turn back the page's corner to save your place in the book. The tailor turned the edge of the fabric back and made a hem.
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Turn Back Time is another feather in the cap of Dara, whose TV career has taken off since he hosted BBC Scotland's Live Floorshow.
A conductor said the driver did not know the way to Derby so we would have to turn back,' he said.
Turn back time: Dr Nick Lowe recommends using sunscreen with an SPF between 15 and 30 daily all year round - and applying make-up on top - if you already have sun damage.
As a result, most Canadians, many Americans (comparatively), and a few Mexicans (relatively) are able to turn back the hands of time this weekend, regaining the hour of sleep now that they lost more than seven months ago.
time halcyon That's launched Turn Back modern out their barcode finding out how were run in six history.
TURNING BACK TIME How many times do you wish You could turn back time?
The survey, commissioned by Lloydspharmacy to mark Diabetes Week this week, also shows that 42% of those over 40 in Yorkshire wish they could turn back the clock on their health.
One student, who wished to remain anonymous, said she tried to come to Bahrain on Friday night and yesterday morning to attend classes, but was asked to turn back.
He said some Emiratis were ordered to turn back as their passports were invalid, while some expatriates were turned back owing to expired passports or expired residency visas.
Full emergency procedures were put into action when it was decided the Thomsonfly flight to Alicante, Spain, would have to turn back because of a cracked windscreen.
The trans-atlantic Air India flight from Toronto, Canada, was forced to turn back after the package was found in a toilet on Monday night.
Passengers aboard a Northwest Airlines plane bound for Mumbai and forced to turn back to Amsterdam said air marshals swooped after 12 people began fidgeting with mobile phones and plastic bags, Dutch media said on Thursday.
It's the chance to turn back the clock and return to an era when greasers in leather jackets and hep chicks in poodle skirts cruised to the local drive-in in a car with white rims and tail fins.