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be stuffed like a turkey

To be or feel extremely full from eating a lot of food. My grandmother is the best cook around. I'm always stuffed like a turkey whenever I leave her house! We were all stuffed like a turkey after Diana's amazing meal.
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stuffed like a turkey

Feeling extremely full from eating a lot of food. My grandmother is the best cook around. I always leave her house stuffed like a turkey! We were all stuffed like a turkey after Diana's amazing meal.
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quit (something) cold turkey

To stop doing something abruptly. The phrase is most often used to describe the sudden cessation of a drug. After smoking for so long, I should have never tried to quit cold turkey—the withdrawal symptoms are unbearable. I'm so impressed that you quit gambling cold turkey!
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turkey slap

slang The use of one's penis to slap another's face.
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wild turkey

1. A turkey that has not been domesticated. Why are all these wild turkeys suddenly showing up on our farm?
2. A brand of bourbon. Usually capitalized. Hey, barkeep, can I get a shot of Wild Turkey?
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turkey shoot

A fight or competition that is one-sided because one combatant or competitor is far superior to the other. Primarily heard in US. What some predicted to be a long, arduous war ended up being a turkey shoot because the smaller country lacked adequate troops and firepower.
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cold turkey

The abrupt cessation of something (most often the use of a drug). After smoking for so long, I should have never tried to quit cold turkey—the withdrawal symptoms are unbearable. I'm so impressed that you stopped gambling cold turkey!
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cold turkey

Sl. immediately; without tapering off or cutting down gradually. (Originally drug slang. Now used of breaking any habit.) Tom stopped smoking cold turkey. She gave up her drinking habit cold turkey and had no ill effects.
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dust bunny

 and a dust kitten; a turkey's nest
Kg. a clump of dust and lint. She swept the dust bunnies out from under the bed. There's a huge dust kitten behind the chiffarobe. He hasn't cleaned in weeks. There are turkey's nests in every corner.
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go cold turkey

Inf. to stop (doing something) without tapering off. (Originally drug slang. Now concerned with breaking any habit.) I had to stop smoking, so I went cold turkey. It's awful! When heroin addicts go cold turkey, they get terribly sick.
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talk turkey

Fig. to talk business; to talk frankly. Okay, Bob, we have business to discuss. Let's talk turkey. John wanted to talk turkey, but Jane just wanted to joke around.
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go cold turkey

to suddenly and completely stop doing something, esp. a bad habit Finally she went cold turkey on a 23-year smoking habit and hasn't smoked since.
Usage notes: also used in the form quit cold turkey with the same meaning: The big organizations suddenly quit cold turkey, leaving the work to volunteers.
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talk turkey

to discuss a problem seriously with the intention of solving it The session was businesslike, and according to one official, “They talked turkey.”
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cold turkey

the unpleasant physical and mental effects someone suffers when they suddenly stop taking drugs The addict himself must make the decision that he wants to go cold turkey. The nurses are there to encourage patients through cold turkey.
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talk turkey

  (mainly American)
to discuss a problem in a serious way with a real intention to solve it If the two sides in the dispute are to meet, they must be prepared to talk turkey.
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a turkey shoot

  (mainly American)
if a fight or a war is a turkey shoot, one side is certain to be completely defeated because the other side is much stronger Their aircraft destroyed every military camp in a three-day turkey shoot.
See talk turkey
See also: shoot, turkey

like turkeys voting for (an early) Christmas

  (British & Australian humorous)
if people are like turkeys voting for Christmas, they choose to accept a situation which will have very bad results for them
Usage notes: Turkeys are large birds which are often eaten on Christmas Day.
Teachers agreeing to even larger class sizes would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.
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cold turkey

Immediate, complete withdrawal from something, especially an addictive substance; also, without planning or preparation. For example, My bad shoulder forced me to quit playing tennis cold turkey, or I'd never done any rock climbing, but decided to try it cold turkey. This term may have come from the earlier expression talk turkey (for blunt speaking). At first used strictly for abrupt withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, it soon was transferred to quitting any habit or activity. [Early 1900s]
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talk turkey

Speak plainly, get to the point, as in Don't call me until you're ready to talk turkey. This expression allegedly comes from a tale about an Indian and a white man who hunted together and divided the game. When the white man said, "I'll take the turkey and you the buzzard, or you take the buzzard and I the turkey," the Indian replied, "Talk turkey to me." Whether or not this tale had a true basis, the term was recorded in its present meaning by about 1840.
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cold turkey

mod. [stopping something] suddenly, without tapering off. (Said especially of stopping an addictive drug intake. Originally drugs.) Martha stopped cold turkey and survived.
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and couch-turkey
n. a psychiatrist; a psychoanalyst. I finally walked out on my couch-doctor. Now I’m getting it all together. I bought three new cars for that couch-turkey! Now I’m paying for his kid’s college!



jive turkey

n. a stupid person. What jive turkey made this mess?
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kick cold (turkey)

in. to stop taking drugs without tapering off. (Drugs.) Britney tried to kick cold turkey, but it was just too much.
See also: cold, kick, turkey

talk turkey

tv. to talk serious business; to talk frankly. We’ve got to sit down and talk turkey—get this thing wrapped up. It’s time to talk turkey and quit messing around.
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1. n. a failure; a sham. (Especially a stage production.) The turkey at the town theater closed on its first night.
2. n. a stupid person. Who’s the turkey who put the scallops in the scalloped potatoes?

turkey bacon

n. a (untrained) night watchman; a uniformed but unoffical “police officer;” fake bacon = cop. The place is guarded by creeky-kneed turkey bacon. I’ll distract them while you sneak in.
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talk turkey

To speak frankly about the basic facts of a matter.
See also: talk, turkey

poor as Job's turkey

Poverty-stricken. The biblical Job's hardships did not bode well for any barnyard creatures that depended on him for sustenance. This wonderfully descriptive old Southern phrase says all that needs to be said about someone in dire financial straits.
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