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Seventy-nine percent had tunnel vision, while 71 percent experienced heightened visual clarity.
It is a world of tunnel vision that makes every stock move as though explainable on a simple single cause/single effect basis.
In a time requiring people to learn more about things, this issue of your magazine suffers from tunnel vision.
Develop a tunnel vision that can't be penetrated by negativity.
This disease causes the light-sensitive rod and cone cells in the retina to waste away, producing tunnel vision or total blindness.
The world, at least in his tunnel vision, is dominated by a hegemonic upper class, and their need for social control explains anything and everything.
ANNE Underwood is suffering from tunnel vision and should apply some lateral thinking as opposed to casting a shadow at such an early stage over Sutton Coldfield having its own independent council with full powers that should go with it (Mail, January 13).
TUNNEL VISION Life on the Underground is a living hell
The Thandis must look at all the objections by the minority groups - some with tunnel vision - and convince all that the pounds 1m investment should go ahead.
The seven budding film makers, aged between 13 and 19, produced the DVD, Tunnel Vision 2009, to break down stereotypes of young people.
A report from the Royal National Institute for the Blind, entitled Tunnel Vision, is part of a national campaign by the RNIB to raise awareness of glaucoma.
However, the Green Party urges him to drop his tunnel vision when it comes to waste.
One of life's most humbling revelations is that we each carry our own mental landscape, our unique version of tunnel vision, wherever we go.
The physician specialist can, as a consequence, develop tunnel vision for his/her specialty organ system to the detriment of the whole patient.
VILLA NEWS: PAGES 93-96 VILLA want tunnel vision to inspire a continued improvement in their home form.