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His only resource on such occasions, either to drown thought or drive away evil spirits, was to sing psalm tunes and the good people of Sleepy Hollow, as they sat by their doors of an evening, were often filled with awe at hearing his nasal melody, "in linked sweetness long drawn out," floating from the distant hill, or along the dusky road.
Then again the merciless tune begins--the tune that has been played for the last half-hour without one single change.
Presently the tune left off, and a good-looking young fellow came across the yard into the room.
There's my little lad Aaron, he's got a gift--he can sing a tune off straight, like a throstle.
By the brand on my shoulder, the finest of tunes Is played by the Lancers, Hussars, and Dragoons, And it's sweeter than "Stables" or "Water" to me-- The Cavalry Canter of "Bonnie Dundee"!
It was the only tune she knew, but that she could play with one finger.
We may imagine Governor Shirley and General Pepperell riding slowly along the line, while the drummers beat strange old tunes, like psalm-tunes, and all the officers and soldiers put on their most warlike looks.
There was war between the man and the boy ever since Dan had discovered that the mere whistling of that tune would make him angry as he heaved the lead.
From the molten-golden notes, And all in tune, What a liquid ditty floats To the turtle-dove that listens, while she gloats On the moon
Thou hast shaved many a poor soul close enough,' said the other; 'thou art only meeting thy reward': so he played up another tune.
We very, very seldom played the piano; we played the flute and the clarinet together, and made good music, too, what there was of it, but we always played the same old tune; it was a very pretty tune --how well I remember it--I wonder when I shall ever get rid of it.
Truly, I do not mind turning a tune," answered Will Scarlet, "but I would not sing alone.
You have to get enough breath for the whole tune before you start - at least, so I gathered from watching Jefferson.
The tune, played with precision and in exact time, began to thrill in the hearts of Nicholas and Natasha, arousing in them the same kind of sober mirth as radiated from Anisya Fedorovna's whole being.
A woman should be able to sit down and play you or sing you a good old English tune.