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take a tumble

1. Literally, to fall suddenly to the ground. I took a bit of a tumble walking home from the pub last night, hence the bruises on my face.
2. To suffer a sudden fall or decline, as of profits, health, quality, etc. The price of shares in the tech giant took a tumble on Tuesday after it emerged that they had been manipulating sales figures over the last five years. My father has been doing remarkably well in his battle with cancer, but he has taken a tumble in the last few days.
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 and rough-and-ready
disorderly; aggressive. That was a rough-and-tumble football game. George is too rough-and-ready for me. He doesn't know how to act around civilized people.

tumble along

to roll or bounce along. The ball tumbled along, across the lawn and into the street. As the boulder tumbled along, it crushed everything in its path.
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tumble down

to fall down; to topple. The old barn was so rickety that it almost tumbled down on its own. The pile of books tumbled down all over the floor.
See also: down, tumble

tumble from something

to fall from something. The food tumbled from the tray and fell to the floor. The books tumbled from the shelf during the earthquake.
See also: tumble

tumble into bed

to get into or fall into bed. Liz went home and tumbled into bed.
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tumble into someone or something

to fall down and roll into someone or something. (Either accidentally or on purpose.) Liz tripped and tumbled into the table. She tumbled into Ken.
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tumble out of something

to fall, topple, or drop out of something. Don't let the baby tumble out of the chair! Thechildren tumbled out of the car and ran for the school building.
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tumble over

to fall over. The vase tumbled over and broke. I held Timmy up to keep him from tumbling over.
See also: tumble

tumble over someone or something

to trip or stumble over someone or something and fall down. I tumbled over Fred, who was napping under the tree. I tumbled over a chair and fell down.
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tumble over (something)

to fall over the edge of something. Stay away from the edge. I don't want any of you tumbling over it. Don't go too close. You'll tumble over.
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tumble someone or something down something

to tip or push someone or something down something. Timmy tumbled his brother down the hill. Ann tumbled her laundry down the chute.
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the rough and tumble of something

the part of an activity that involves fighting or competing He enjoys the rough and tumble of politics.
See when the going gets rough, a bumpy ride, cut up rough
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rough and tumble

Disorderly scuffling or infighting, as in She had some reservations about entering the rough and tumble of local politics. This expression originated in the late 1700s in boxing, where it referred to a fight without rules. [Mid-1800s]
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tumble down

1. To topple, as from power or a high position; fall: That horse started out the race in the lead, but tumbled down to fifth place.
2. To collapse: The wall tumbled down when I leaned on it.
See also: down, tumble

tumble on

or tumble upon
To come upon something accidentally; happen on something: We tumbled on a nice restaurant while walking downtown.
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tumble to

v. Slang
To come to some sudden understanding; catch on to something: I tumbled to the reality that the other card players were cheating.
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rough and tumble

mod. disorderly; aggressive. George is too rough and tumble for me. He doesn’t know how to act around civilized people.
See also: and, rough, tumble
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Another great solution, new for the Christmas Market this year is the Dual Tumbling Composter.
In total 21 tumblers from the Academy were selected for this year's British Gymnastics Tumbling Championships in Liverpool - with 16 of them qualifying on day one of the tournament for a place in the finals.
There are many differences in the technical parameters of tumbling marination (continuous versus intermittent tumbling, tumbling marination time, drum speed and degree of loading of drum, etc) of prepared pork chops.
Both tumblers were part of a small Great Britain delegation selected for this important international event which hosts trampoline, double mini tramp and tumbling disciplines.
In the video is seen a racing car tumbling after entering the tough stage, and their rescue.
Redcar's tumbling squad are going from strength to strength, with a new tumble track that is just a year old, it helps with all their practice and has been a very big help.
The contract is for: supply equipment for tumbling and press with pressure min.
I swerved to miss it assuming it was a piece of tyre, but in my rearview mirror I saw the tumbling item (a kitten) get to its feet and run between cars onto the side of the road.
Teams used algorithms in exercises during which the spheres simulated an active spacecraft approaching an object tumbling through space.
Five of the club's gymnasts competed at the Amateur Gymnastics Association National Tumbling Championships at Fenton Manor in Stoke on Trent - and came away with a medal.
WACO, Texas - Trailing Maryland for the first time all night, Oregon acrobatics and tumbling coach Felecia Mulkey gathered her athletes and told them, with two events left, it was time to rally.
WIRRAL Gymnastics Club brought home two more gold medals in the North West Championships for Acrobatics and Tumbling at City of Liverpool gymnastics venue.
BRIT model AGYNESS DEYN managed to see the funny side of tumbling not once, but twice in skyscraper Burberry platforms, at NAOMI CAMPBELL'S Fashion For Relief Haiti Benefit in New York this week.
Active, physical pretend play involving such activities as running, chasing, climbing, playfully wrestling, grabbing, kicking, and tumbling constitutes almost one fourth of children's behavior (McGrew, 1972; Smith & Connolly, 1980).
At the same time, a precision throwing wheel, turning at high speeds (up to 8,000 rpm), throws plastic shot at the tumbling parts, and the plastic shot breaks off the brittle flash on impact.