tug at heartstrings

tug at your heartstrings

also pull on your heartstrings
to cause strong feelings of affection or sympathy He looked into his son's smiling eyes and felt a tug on his heartstrings.
Usage notes: sometimes used with other verbs: The stories he told plucked at your heartstrings.
See also: heartstring, tug
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The violence quotient in Unbroken is notches below what it was in her first feature, but the overall aim to tug at heartstrings by piling vignettes of misery and pain is obvious this time too.
WILL PG A LOVE letter to Liverpool FC and a modern fairytale, this movie will tug at heartstrings.
In an apparent attempt to tug at heartstrings, the Ira-nian authorities also released a letter from Leading Seaman Turney to her parents shortly before the footage was broadcast.