tug at

tug at someone or something

to pull at someone or something. Stop tugging at me! I'll talk to you in a minute. The dog tugged at my pants cuff.
See also: tug
References in classic literature ?
Trudolyubov will beat me hardest, he is so strong; Ferfitchkin will be sure to catch hold sideways and tug at my hair.
Just then her driver came up, and with a tug at her mouth backed her out of the line and drove off, leaving me very sad indeed.
My happiness itself do I throw out into all places far and wide 'twixt orient, noontide, and occident, to see if many human fish will not learn to hug and tug at my happiness;--
When all had been thus fastened to the rope one of the warriors commenced to pull and tug at the loose end as though attempting to drag the headless company toward the tower, while the other went among them with a long, light whip with which he flicked them upon the naked skin.
Additionally, Mr Vitiello says, the company was keen to get an ASD Tug because it believes the ideal towing configuration is having an ASD bow first, at the stern of a vessel, and then a tractor tug at the bow.
Just as they were about to dock, the tug at the centre of the disaster - called the Dalkey - smashed into the car ferry causing more than EUR100,000 of damage.
Margaret, "We are extremely pleased to debut the Tug at UPMC St.
We are so pleased to install the first Tug at UPMC St.
Once the tip catches hold of the molecule, the researchers tug at it repeatedly until all the bonds have broken, like pulling ivy away from a wall, tendril by tendril.
Salvage engineers later raised the tug at low tide and removed it to the docks for a full inspection.
We had the opportunity for an earlier transport to the Netherlands so we decided to finish the tug at Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam, says Damen Sales Director Benelux Mijndert Wiesenekker.
KENAI, Alaska -- Tesoro Alaska Company ("Tesoro") (NYSE:TSO) today announced that to enhance safety and environmental protection it will position a tractor tug at the company's Nikiski refinery on a year-round basis.
Damen Trading displayed the tug at the Seawork 2013 exhibition, resulting in a widely displayed interest in this type of tug.
The company will be stationing a state-of-the-art tractor tug at Nawiliwili Harbor by year-end.