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When worn under a jacket or blazer, these are often tucked in.
Building on the recent launch of the Fruit of the Loom Stay-Tucked Crew, this quantitative study analyzed how a tucked shirt is indicative of more success in a man's personal and professional life.
The invention's unique design insures that shirts remained tucked in to pants at all times.
Versace shirts were tucked into its trademark white trousers, Bottega Veneta tucked into khaki trousers and Burberry tucked into Lord Lichfield-style trousers described as 'shrimp pink' in the US press.
Tucked, untucked, sloppy, well-dressed, there's no ``no-tuck rule'' here, so if you leave it exposed, you could lose it in a fumble.
The acquisitions announced today are easily tucked into ResCare's existing operations.
A perfected length so the shirt stays tucked all day
Tucked into the Cabrillo Beach area is a hidden treasure of the city's Recreation and Parks Department, the Cabrillo Marine Museum, which trains hundreds of volunteers each year from age 6 well past 60, handles a quarter of a million visitors and hosts 50,000 schoolchildren, mostly from Los Angeles Unified School District campuses spread all over our meandering city.
The Company has purchased the Jeep franchise in Brattleboro, Vermont, which will be tucked into its Brattleboro Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Dealership.
Diamond rings, cash and compacts (those teeny Estee Lauder designs) are easily tucked into plastic eggs, but for new ideas, try Motorola's new pagers in translucent colorful plastic for $80 at Circuit City, and Sony's first-ever portable Voice File IC Chip Recorder that's not much bigger than an Easter egg.
Hometown Auto has entered into an agreement to acquire Wellesley Mazda which will be tucked into the Bay State Lincoln Mercury dealership in Framingham, Massachusetts.
Upon receiving packages, end-customers have necessary information, and even a return label securely tucked in one neatly applied document.
P&D and Twin Ports each have annualized revenues of approximately $1 million and will be tucked into United Waste's operations in Albany and Duluth, respectively.