tuck around

tuck something around someone or something

to wrap something snugly around someone or something. I tucked crumpled newspapers around the cups in the box to keep them from breaking. Molly-Jo tucked the covers around the baby.
See also: around, tuck
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You'll have lovely leaf mould by spring to tuck around the roses as a mulch.
No, I'm not about to have a nose job, I'm not thinking of having a nip and tuck around those jowels and I'm not planning to grow a full beard.
You can easily become part of this machine as you tuck around the ergonomic petrol tank easier than many office workers wrap themselves around a pint at 5.
Tanya chooses Corsican mint to tuck around sedums, rocks.
Use poinsettias or hydrangea in your tree, garlands, fill large glass hurricanes or accent other centerpieces, tuck around photo frames, candles etc.
SUE NICHOLLS, who plays Audrey Roberts in Corrie, tells me she's planning a little lift and tuck around her eyes.