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autem cackletub

obsolete Any general meeting place of dissenters of a given denomination of the (Christian) church; a conventicle. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, and "cackletub" (a slang term for the pulpit of a church) here refers to a place where those who spill secrets ("cackle") gather. I entered into the autem cackletub with trepidation, for who knows what sort one may find in a place of unruly dissent.
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cat in the meal-tub

obsolete A surprise attack or ambush; a hidden or unseen danger. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Many people want to legalize marijuana but are in denial of the cats in the meal-tub that may come with doing so. The young political candidate waited like a cat in a meal-tub for his rival's sordid history to come to public attention.
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tub of guts

A particularly overweight person. I used to be a tub of guts when I was in high school, but during college I really made an effort to slim down.
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throw a tub to the whale

To create a diversion, in order to avoid a dangerous or unpleasant situation. No one can know that I'm here, so throw a tub to the whale while I sneak out the back door!
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tub of lard

A highly derogatory term for an obese person. These glamour magazines make it seem like anyone who's not a cover model is basically a tub of lard.
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Every tub must stand on its own bottom,

 and Let every tub stand on its own bottom.
Prov. People should be independent. Emily did not want to join the other students, who were helping each other study for the exam. "Every tub must stand on its own bottom," she said. Don't ask me for help. Let every tub stand on its own bottom.
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tub of lard

a fat person. (Insulting.) Who's that tub of lard who just came in? That tub of lard can hardly get through the door.
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speech or behaviour that is intended to force people to support an idea or plan Far too much tub-thumping goes on during these debates.

tub of lard

and tub of guts
n. a fat person. (Cruel. Also a rude term of address.) Shut up, you stupid tub of lard! Who’s that tub of guts who just came in?
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tub of guts

See also: gut, of, tub
References in classic literature ?
George in the face with a head of greens and taking her tub into the little room behind the shop.
We laughed so we could hardly fish the poor thing up, or listen while she explained that she had slipped out of her window for a word with Mike, and found it fastened when she wanted to come back, so she had sat on the roof, trying to discover the cause of this mysterious barring out, till she was tired, when she prowled round the house till she found a cellar window unfastened, after all our care, and got in quite cleverly, she thought; but the tub was a new arrangement which she knew nothing about; and when she fell into the 'say,' she was bewildered and could only howl.
He used to come out from Naples for the week-ends--in the tub when it wasn't too rough for his nerves--and he didn't always come alone.
Award winning North Spas are the North East's Number 1 Hot Tub Dealer with showrooms in Dobbies Garden Centres at Birtley & Ponteland.
This year, with your help, Safe Step Cares will give one deserving mother one of our best walk-in tubs.
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HOT TUB BRITAIN (ITV, Tuesday, 9pm) A TREND has developed in Britain whereby sitting in an oversized bathtub in one's garden is considered the height of luxury.
Between 2009 and 2010, there were 81 outbreaks and 1,326 cases of illness in the United States linked to recreational water exposure (in pools, lakes, hot tubs, etc.
With Vi6-inch bit, drill 30-50 holes in one lid and two to three rows of holes around tops of both tubs.
Greg Powell, a veteran of the hot tub and spa industry who will manage the new venture, says: "I think people sometimes get very caught up in the features and gadgets attached to the modern hot tub and maybe forget about the real life benefits of buying the right spa for them.
Although the colliery closed almost four decades ago, the tubs were exhibited at Marley Hill Primary School as the basis for a floral display.
BEST for choice of flavours (4) MARKS & SPENCER Luscious Lemon Meringue Pie, Sticky Toffee Honeycomb Heaven, Stunning Strawberry Eton Mess, 500ml tubs, pounds 3.
Ask if the showroom has fully operational hot tubs and then bring your bathing suit, do a test soak and compare different models.
Checking maintenance records before using hot tubs at hotels and resorts may help ward off infections, too.
Hot tub lung is a common, frequently misdiagnosed, and particularly fascinating form of nontuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease, according to a researcher from the National Jewish Medical and Research Center, Denver.