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down the tube(s)

Awry; in a state of deterioration or failure. You got a C average? Boy, your grades have really gone down the tubes this semester. We had big plans for our trip, but the terrible weather made it all go down the tube.
See also: down

go down the tubes

(spoken) also go down the tube
to fail or become much worse His business is going down the tubes and he's about to lose his house. Prices are going up and the service is terrible - everything's going down the tubes.
See also: down, tube

down the tube/tubes

1. (informal) if something goes down the tubes, it fails or disappears Our holiday plans went down the tube because of the train strike.
2. (American informal) if someone goes down the tubes, they fail He's in danger of going down the tubes if he doesn't learn to get on with people at work.
See also: down, tube

down the tubes

Also, down the tube. Into a state of failure or ruin, as in If he failed the test, his chances went down the tubes. ] Colloquial; 1960s] Also see down the drain.
See also: down, tube

bake the tube steak

tv. to copulate. Bobby was set to bake the tube steak last night, but he failed to preheat the oven.
See also: bake, steak, tube


n. a television set. (Something for a boob to watch.) You spend too much time in front of the boob-tube.

cop a tube

tv. to catch a perfect tubular wave. (Surfers.) Mark—as drunk as all get out—said he was gonna go out and cop a tube.
See also: cop, tube

crack a tube

tv. to open a can of beer. (see also tube.) Why don’t you drop over this evening, and we’ll crack a few tubes?
See also: crack, tube

go down the tube(s)

and go down the chute
in. to fail totally; to be ruined. I tried, but it all went down the tube. All my plans just went down the chute.
See also: down, tube

go down the tube

See also: down, tube

in the tube

1. mod. in the “tube” or arch of a large wave. (Surfing.) On a day like today, I want to be out there in the tube.
2. mod. at risk. He’s in the tube now, but things should straighten out soon.
See also: tube


1. n. a can of beer. (see also crack a tube.) Toss me a tube, will ya?
2. n. the inner curve of a tall wave. (see also tubular.) I’m waiting for the best tube.
3. in. to fail; to go down the tube(s). (see also tube it.) The whole plan tubed at the last minute.
4. n. a television set. The tube is in the shop, so I read a book.
5. n. a cigarette. There’s a pack of tubes in my jacket.

tube it

tv. to fail a test. (see also tube.) I was afraid I’d tube it, so I studied my head off.
See also: tube

tube steak

1. n. a frankfurter or a wiener. (see also pimp steak.) I could live on tube steak. Nothing is better!
2. and tube steak of love n. the penis. She laughed so hard when he said “tube steak of love,” that he lost interest, so to speak. His tube steak was reminding him that it was time to get up.
See also: steak, tube

tube steak of love

See also: love, of, steak, tube


mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also tube.) They were both tubed and giggling.
See also: tube

flushed down the tubes

Defeated. A 1950s college expression drawn from waste removal. After an exam that was more difficult than anticipated, a student might groan, “Man, did I get flushed down the tubes!”
See also: down, flush, tube

tube steak

A humorous (and sometimes pretentious) name for a plain ol' hot dog.
See also: steak, tube
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