try your luck

try (one's) luck

To attempt to succeed in doing something for which success is not guaranteed, or that will rely at least in part on good fortune. I'll try my luck to see if I can get the lawnmower working, but we may have to bring it to a mechanic. The young billionaire, who made his fortune in the tech industry, is now trying his luck at the pharmaceutical market. I'll try my luck with the odd slot machine or lottery ticket, but otherwise I don't really care for gambling.
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try your luck

COMMON If someone tries their luck, they try something and hope that it will be successful. The most obvious thing would be to try her luck in London. Someone told me there's a railway station at Wexter, and I thought I'd try my luck by rail again.
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try your luck (at something)

do something that involves risk or luck, hoping to succeed.
1964 Mary Stewart This Rough Magic I finally decided, after three years of juvenile leads in provincial rep that it was time to try my luck in London.
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try your ˈluck (at something)

try to do or get something, hoping you will succeed: A friend told me the job was available, so I thought I’d try my luck.
See also: luck, try
References in classic literature ?
So why should you not try your luck with Professor Challenger, of Enmore Park?
But if you were to ask me my advice, I should say: take your courage in both hands and try your luck at something else.
The clubs, the stock exchange, the race-course: you try your luck here, there, and everywhere; and you lose and win, win and lose--and you haven't a dull day to complain of.
THE odds of getting through to try your luck on a TV quiz are as high as one in 6,000.
We have some great competitions lined up, so you can try your luck at winning a fantastic prize - don't forget to tell all your friends to join as well.
Instead of six degrees of Kevin Bacon, try your luck at guessing who kissed, loved and left whom among the 88 movie stars featured in this book.
com, "What better person to try your luck against as he certainly hasn't had any - perhaps you can help him lose some more, in your direction
So try your luck Saturday at any of a number of bodies of water.
There are now two ways to go whale-watching this season in Southern California: Get on a boat and try your luck scanning the open ocean, or get over to the IMAX theater in Exposition Park, where you're guaranteed more close encounters than you'd ever have in a lifetime of looking.
Stop by Gate H at Qualcomm Stadium and try your luck in John Carney's 32 foot kicking cage as the Chargers host the Raiders this Sunday.
Try your luck as one of the two standout characters -- Xako and Mia -- who both represent a meshing of the most current cool trends to hit America and Europe combined.