try out

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try someone or something out

to test someone or something for a while; to sample the performance of someone or something. We will try her out in the editorial department and see how she does. We will try out this employee in another department for a while.
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try out (for something)

to audition for a part in some performance or other activity requiring skill. I intend to try out for the play. I'm going to try out, too.
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try out

1. Undergo a qualifying test, as for an athletic team. For example, I'm trying out for the basketball team. [Mid-1900s]
2. Test or use experimentally, as in They're trying out new diesels, or We're trying out this new margarine. [Late 1800s]
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try out

1. To undergo a competitive qualifying test, as for a job or athletic team: Thirty students tried out for the soccer team, but only twenty were chosen.
2. To test or use something experimentally: Have you tried out the new automated banking system yet? I tried a new brand of toothpaste out, and I really like it.
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There were also try outs for trial defenders William Remy and Darnel Situ in a game played at the club's training ground.
Many amateur, semi-pro and aspiring athletes don't have the time or money to travel and meet with agents, scouts, coaches and team management or go to team clinics, open try outs, so we are bringing them to the decision makers through the internet via ProRecruitNetwork.
Try outs are running at East Durham College on a Tuesday night and Ormesby Comprehensive School on a Sunday afternoon.
Open try outs for the competing team will be held in each city the day before.
After several weeks of try outs, they have put together a team that makes its bow in the league on September 2 when they host Milton Keynes Thunder at the Skydome.
Interested road runners please note that this Wednesday, June 5 is the date for the Wirral AC organised Birkenhead Park 5, try outs include routes for Under-15s over one and two miles.