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in trust

Especially of money or property, in the protection, care, or guardianship of a trustee. Following her parents' sudden deaths, the young heiress's fortune was held in trust by her paternal grandfather.
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brain trust

A group of experts who are chosen to be advisors to a person in power and aid in making important decisions. All politicians need a brain trust to help guide them through the campaign process and stay informed of the important issues facing their constituency.
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I wouldn't trust (someone) as far as I could throw (them)

I do not trust that person at all. You want me to tell our plans to Jill? I wouldn't trust Jill as far as I could throw her.
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not trust (one) an inch

To not trust one at all. I've known Vick since we were kids, and I don't trust him an inch—he's always up to something.
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*in the trust of someone

under the responsibility or in the care of someone. (*Typically: be ~; leave someone or something ~; place someone or something ~.) The state placed the orphan in the trust of the foster parents. Our bonds are left in the trust of our broker.
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misplace one's trust (in someone)

to put trust in the wrong person; to put trust in someone who does not deserve it. The writer misplaced his trust in his editor. The voters misplaced their trust in the corrupt politician.
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place one's trust in someone or something

to trust someone or something. If you place your trust in me, everything will work out all right. You should place your trust in your own proven talent.
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put one's trust in someone or something

to trust someone or something. Will I never be able to put my trust in you? You can put your trust in the bank. Its deposits are insured.
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Put your trust in God, and keep your powder dry.

 and Keep your powder dry.
Prov. Have faith that God will make sure that you win a conflict, but be prepared to fight well and vigorously. (Supposed to have been said by Oliver Cromwell; powder means gunpowder.) Bill: Am I going to win my lawsuit? Alan: All you can do is put your trust in God, and keep your powder dry.
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restore someone's trust in something

 and restore someone's belief in something; restore someone's faith in something
to reinstate someone's belief, faith, trust, etc., in something. I knew that a good performance on the test would restore my parents' belief in me. Her faith was restored in the government.
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take something on trust

to accept that something is true through trust. I don't know if it's so, but I'll take it on trust. CH You will have to take it on trust because I can't prove it.
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trust in someone or something

to believe in someone or something. Trust in me. I know what I am saying. Can I trust in the figures in this report?
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Trust me!

I am telling you the truth. Please believe me. Tom said with great conviction, "Trust me! I know exactly what to do!" Mary: Do you really think we can keep this party a secret until Thursday? Sally: Trust me! I know how to plan a surprise party.
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trust someone for something

to depend on someone for payment for something. I will lend you one hundred dollars. I know I can trust you for it. I loaned Ted a lot of money. It's all right. I can trust him for it.
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trust someone or something to someone

to leave someone or something in the possession of someone whom you assume will take good care of someone or something. Can I trust my little Jimmy to you? I am perfectly comfortable trusting this money to you.
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trust someone to do something

to believe that someone can be relied on to do something. You can trust her to be here on time. I can't trust myself to eat wisely.
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trust someone with someone or something

to leave someone in the care of someone or something. Can I trust you with my uncle? He needs to have his medicine right on time. I am sure I can trust you with the money. Don't leave that cake with me. I can't trust myself with it.
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brain trust

A group of experts who serve as unofficial but vital advisers. For example, Each town manager seemed to have his or her own brain trust, which of course changed with every election . This term, closely associated with President Franklin Roosevelt's advisers on domestic and foreign policy in the early 1930s, was first recorded in 1910.
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in trust

In the possession or care of a trustee, as in The money was held in trust for the children's education. This expression implies having confidence in someone (the trustee). [Mid-1500s]
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not trust someone as far as you could throw them

If you say that you would not trust someone as far as you could throw them, you mean that you do not trust them at all. He may look innocent, but I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Note: People sometimes use can instead of could. The government says that it is green, but I wouldn't trust them as far as I can throw them.
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not trust someone as far as you can throw them

not trust or hardly trust a particular person at all. informal
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ˌtried and ˈtested/ˈtrusted

(British English) (American English ˌtried and ˈtrue) that you have used or relied on in the past successfully: We’ll be using a tried and tested technique to solve the problem.
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in somebody’s ˈtrust


in the trust of somebody

being looked after by somebody: The family pet was left in the trust of a neighbour.
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not trust somebody an ˈinch

not trust somebody at all: He says he just wants to help you but I wouldn’t trust him an inch if I were you.
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take something on ˈtrust

believe what somebody says even though you do not have any proof or evidence to show that it is true: I took it on trust that the painting was genuine. I had no reason to believe he would try to deceive me.
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trust ˈyou, ˈhim, ˈher, etc. (to do something)

(spoken, informal) used when somebody does or says something that you think is typical of them: Trust you to forget my birthday!Trust it to rain at the weekend!
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trust in

To depend on someone or something: The preacher told the congregation to trust in God.
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trust to

To depend on something: I'd rather plan my financial future than trust to luck.
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trust with

To grant discretion to someone confidently: Can you trust them with your credit card information?
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Trust me!

exclam. Believe me!; Honestly! He actually said it just like Tom told you. Trust me!
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The research is part of a broader multi-year global initiative, the Unisys Trusted Enterprise Index.
Much of the design for trusted clients can be used in trusted servers, therefore shortening time to market.
TCG is an industry standards body formed to develop, define and promote open standards for trusted computing and security technologies, including hardware building blocks and software interfaces, across multiple platforms, peripherals and devices.
The Trusted Computing Platform Alliance, a consortium of more than 160 companies, has worked to develop standardized approaches to providing trust and trust services for computing environments.
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At the show Wave will demonstrate a range of trusted computing services, including a credentials manager, secure digital signature, encrypted email, a user vault for encrypted files, a private information manager, a secure biometric healthcare application, secure financial services and broadband services.
Wave is a contributing member of the Trusted Computing Group, which is dedicated to embedding trust and security more broadly into computing platforms and devices.
Wave EMBASSY Trust Services includes a suite of enhanced applications for trusted digital signatures, secure document storage, secure document management and powerful privacy options.
The trust services are an optional server infrastructure that can manage trust domains and the distribution of secure identities, applications and services to platforms containing trusted hardware.
The Trusted Computing Group's structure and broad membership will bring the industry together to focus on delivering easily-accessible specifications for trusted computing standards that will ultimately let people work, conduct transactions, and use computing devices with a new level of confidence," Jim Ward, chairman, Trusted Computing Group.
Wave Systems firmly supports the creation of the Trusted Computing Group and applauds the group's commitment to open, standards-based development of computing platforms," said Steven Sprague, president and CEO, Wave Systems.
In addition, a Wave secure digital signature application will interoperate among the three hardware platforms to show interoperability among trusted platform devices.
Wave recently announced a licensing agreement with National Semiconductor to bundle Wave's EMBASSY(R) Trust Suite with National's PC21100 SafeKeeper(TM) trusted platform modules.
As an industry leader with over a decade of experience in developing the Trusted Client technology, Wave is participating in a number of industry standards activities and contributing key elements of it's trust architecture and designs to assist in the creation of an open, programmable and platform independent security solution.