trust for

trust someone for something

to depend on someone for payment for something. I will lend you one hundred dollars. I know I can trust you for it. I loaned Ted a lot of money. It's all right. I can trust him for it.
See also: trust
References in classic literature ?
If you were a grocery trust for the whole United States, you would be singing another song.
A very few years more and the hazardous difficulties of handling a fleet under canvas shall have passed beyond the conception of seamen who hold in trust for their country Lord Nelson's legacy of heroic spirit.
He knew Jeremiah and he mistrusted him, however; so instead of giving him all that he meant him to have he handed me over a part of it, telling me, with what was almost his dying breath, to hold it in trust for my brother, and to use it in his behalf when he should have squandered or lost all that he had.
He would never trouble me again, and he begged only that I would hand over to him the sum which I held in trust for him.
Thus, the regulations do not require a current-year transfer to the trust for which the termination statement is being filed, nor do they require a gift tax return to otherwise be filed in the year a taxpayer elects to terminate a previous election out.
Possessing or exercising the power to make an adjustment would cause an individual to be treated as the owner of all or part of the trust for income tax purposes, and the individual would not be treated as the owner if the trustee did not possess the power to make an adjustment;
A person can establish an income trust for her own benefit if she is able to understand and make decisions about it.
Daniels recommends a life insurance trust for tax planning purposes as a type of irrevocable trust.
A general power of appointment trust is an alternative to a qualified terminable interest property (QTIP) trust for obtaining the estate tax marital deduction.
Briefly described, rabbi trusts involve a transfer of property by a corporate employer to a trust for the benefit generally of a class of selected employees to secure partially or fully a promise to pay the compensation at a future time.
Take the example of a trust where the donor states a "high risk tolerance" for the assets held in trust for his wife, but subsequently suggests an asset allocation of 25 percent in cash, 25 percent in bonds, and 50 percent in equities.
Under the terms of the Liquidating Trust Agreement executed by AmeriVest and the Trustee, which agreement became effective as of the Record Date, each stockholder of AmeriVest on the Record Date (each, a "beneficiary") automatically became the holder of one unit of beneficial interest ("Unit") in the Trust for each share of AmeriVest common stock then held of record by such stockholder.
Either or both spouses may want to use a trust for economic protection.
In Situation 3, Trust's governing instrument states that if G is treated as the owner of any portion of Trust for any tax year, the trustee may, in the trustee's discretion, distribute to G for the tax year income or principal sufficient to satisfy G's personal income tax liability attributable to including all, or part, of Trust's income in G's taxable income.
Assume a 63-year-old mother contributes 100,0 0 to a trust for her daughter.