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To pick only one of all those Winchester lever guns as the truest true classic is tough.
The quiet intensity, the purity of his work--east meets west in the truest sense--is evident in the New York premiere Near the Terrace, Part I (above), also on the program.
Light enough to take easily to heart and carry wherever you go, each Opening fuses inspiration, prayer, and poem in just a few charged lines, breathing from the inside out to unfold our own truest gifts.
But more than a series of questions and answers, Nurse's interviews are, in the truest sense, conversations.
Through her paintings and poetry Chloe expresses her truest wishes for the world and herself.
As a practicing herbalist, I find that the truest and deepest healing comes from connection--connection with each other and connection with all that is.
And it really is a lost art, in the truest sense of the word.
Some of these chapters are not reviews in the truest sense.
I also thank him for his essay on me, which I consider to be the truest and most accurate yet of all the prose that has been written about me.
Yet it is a cultivated, carefully staged anarchy with only the best and truest intentions of building big, bigger and biggest architecture.
But all have one thing in common: They are classics in the truest sense of the word.
In its truest form, a service level agreement is an agreement to purchase a service from a service provider - someone who will take care of managing your company's computer infrastructure," says Castonguay.
As we enter deeply into the love of God through the practices of faith, such as prayer, Bible reading, and worship, God gives us back our truest self.
This book is commendable for it being daring and Dantean in the truest sense of the word.
Here again, the incentive dynamics drive the truest planning and the greatest value creation.