true as steel

*true as steel

very loyal and dependable. (*Also: as ~.) Through all my troubles, my husband has been as true as steel. Pedro was a staunch friend, true as steel.
See also: steel, true
References in classic literature ?
In the popular phrase, Blanche is as true as steel.
The off--but both are true as steel," was the laconic reply.
Madeline is not the near relation of our benefactors, but she is closely bound to them by ties as dear; and I was first intrusted with her history, specially because they reposed unbounded confidence in me, and believed that I was as true as steel.
But true as steel, and high-minded and generous to a fault.
He was but a poor man himself, said Peggotty, but as good as gold and as true as steel - those were her similes.
I never had a braver, better fellow,--trusty and true as steel.