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trudge along

to plod along on foot. It seemed as if we trudged along for miles. As we trudged along, we forgot how cold it was.
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trudge through something

1. Lit. to walk through snow, sand, or something similar. We trudged through the hot sand all the way down the beach. I used to have to trudge through snow like this all winter to get to school.
2. Fig. to work one's way through something difficult. I hate to have to trudge through these reports on the weekend. I have to trudge through a lot of work before I can go home.
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That evening we trudged the streets again bypassing most places as they "didn't look right or were too empty - "I'm not sitting on our own in a big restaurant".
Most fighters trudged through a dreary limbo, never daring to think about home or what life might be like after an endless war.
Officers with dogs trudged through flooded lanes in a storm to reach the home in the foothills of Snowdonia, North Wales.
Blanc trudged the trudge of a man who has already trudged far, has a fair old chunk of trudging yet to do and doesn't fancy it above half.
I trudged into the screening room with grim expectations and came out exhilarated.
Donning breathing masks for protection against the fumes, a team of scientists trudged through mud and waist-high water deep inside the cave.
Bob Skiera and his two companions mopped their faces as they trudged the shadeless sidewalks of a military base in the Arizona desert, passing row after row of cookie-cutter duplexes.
I trudged back home, desperately seeking some respite from my environmental angst.
And Alexandra, 21, who had a No1 hit with Bad Boys, watched sadly as he unloaded his luggage and trudged away.
An onlooker said: "Calum is used to the highlife of VIP clubs but he did his girl proud as he trudged through the muck to watch her race.
Brown was alleged to have kicked a water bottle in frustration and trudged up to the stands before the referee had the chance to punish him in Hull's 5-0 defeat to Wigan.
AS I TRUDGED through the snow, I passed a solitary tree.
What made Robertson's performance more special was that she trudged through most of the season with an injured wrist, leading Valencia to an undefeated league season and its fourth successive league title.
It then trudged in a direction close to its homeward bearing.