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trudge along

to plod along on foot. It seemed as if we trudged along for miles. As we trudged along, we forgot how cold it was.
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trudge through something

1. Lit. to walk through snow, sand, or something similar. We trudged through the hot sand all the way down the beach. I used to have to trudge through snow like this all winter to get to school.
2. Fig. to work one's way through something difficult. I hate to have to trudge through these reports on the weekend. I have to trudge through a lot of work before I can go home.
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All the travellers from Amsterdam arriving at Cardiff are required to trudge up many stairs, merely to present passports to the immigration officials, and then stagger back down the stairs to the baggage hall.
The west side of the lane is still thick with dead leaves throughwhich pedestrians have to trudge.
A brief trudge through this down-to-earth night sky, Floor Space, 2001, led to Blarney's second piece, Wall Space, 2001, a projection of a similarly starlit sky onto a large blank canvas casually propped against a wall.
Why trudge through galleries when you can sail through catalogs of paintings, sculptures and installations online?
Wouldn't it be great at the end of each run not to trudge uphill hauling a heavy sled?
Trudge under a blanket of darkness ever-alert someone is going to pounce.
My elephant never did trudge on his own over the Crimea.
Scott, a floor layer in Fife, wrote: 'I was fitting a flat in Edinburgh and I parked outside on a double yellow to trudge up six flights of stairs with four carpets and my tools.
THE fact that trudge euphoria chose not to capitalise their name may be an indication of a subconscious lack of confidence but then it could just be a surfeit of self-conscious psuedo-trendiness; either way, the journey they've embarked upon is a dangerous one, fraught with band-swallowing bogs.
As I trudge through it I keep coming across stories which all seem so familiar but are not quite right.
It's another 9 1/2 miles to climb out of the canyon to the South Rim via the Bright Angel Trail, with a trudge along switchbacks that relentlessly ascend 4,370 feet.
The cold-climate courtship begins with a flightless migration in which our vibrantly feathered friends trudge up to 75 miles across the continent by foot, in freezing temperatures, in brittle, icy winds and through deep, treacherous waters patrolled by the intimidating leopard seal.
The only event worth watching is that one where they trudge through the snow, fire a few shots, and then trudge some more.
As they trudge through the snow and dodge street traffic, they make their way to Mammoth Mountain's gondola, which already has a long line of people waiting to head up the slopes.