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You must lose a fly to catch a trout.

Prov. You have to sacrifice something in order to get what you want. (Implies that what you sacrifice is minor compared to what you will get.) Amy was willing to live cheaply for several years in order to save enough money to buy her own house. She knew that you must lose a fly to catch a trout.
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old trout

an unattractive or bad-tempered old woman. informal
1972 Victor Canning . The Rainbird Pattern She wasn't such a bad old trout. For all her money and position, life hadn't been all good to her.
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trouser snake

and trouser trout
n. the penis. The doctor was taken aback when young Willard used the term “trouser snake.” Stop scratching your trouser trout in public.
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trouser trout

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old trout

Chiefly British Offensive Slang
An elderly woman.
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References in classic literature ?
That trout was, so to speak, out of the Arabian Nights.
But tell me about the trout," she once more persisted.
It had been the idlest whim for me to save the life of that poor trout.
We told him the various histories we had heard about his trout, and he was immensely amused, and we all laughed very heartily.
He said that bringing home that trout had saved him from a whacking, and that even his school-master had said it was worth the rule-of-three and practice put together.
That trout lay shattered into a thousand fragments - I say a thousand, but they may have only been nine hundred.
We thought it strange and unaccountable that a stuffed trout should break up into little pieces like that.
And so it would have been strange and unaccountable, if it had been a stuffed trout, but it was not.
John Styles landed 10 trout and on Sunday rod averages were six fish per angler.
Here trout challenge our skills and throb our rods and hearts as we search for and succeed in making contact with the essence of the wild.
Last Sunday anglers had up to four trout each, with the deep water near the valve tower yielding four fish to one angler, who also hooked and lost a couple.
Trout, both brown and the rainbow species, is a coldwater fish found aplenty in the Beas, Sutlej and Ravi rivers flowing in from the upper reaches of the Himalayan range.
The Edinburgh Trout club's efforts were rewarded with three silver medals, a cheque for pounds 300 and three top of the range reels.
From farming to processing, vertical integration promises to deliver benefits to the total trout category within all trade sectors.
The acquisition of Scot Trout & Salmon (and its earlier purchase of Silver Trout) means the Dawnfresh group now controls 85% of the trout business.