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The contents of the two publications are troublingly similar.
My own essay on recent French works of "faction" (historical fact and fiction, troublingly combined) dealing with World War II constitutes a revised and expanded version of the talk I gave at Columbia.
As a result, defendants have no opportunity to test the legality of these investigative tactics--and, just as troublingly, no court will have the chance to weigh in on the program's validity.
More troublingly, observers warn that if the problem escalates there could be a gradual exodus of foreign companies that have set up offices or regional headquarters in Singapore.
The idea that a father would be heartless enough to agree to his son's murder, or at the very least be parted from him for life, just to incite others to kill Jews is not only insulting, it is also troublingly dehumanizing of a largely defenceless and hostage civilian population.
But he defined "imminent" in troublingly expansive terms: A target could pose an "imminent" threat if killing him would head off "future disastrous attacks.
Troublingly, it is Nur al-din al-Maliki, the Iraqi Prime Minister, who in his statements is provoking, orchestrating and framing unresolved political problems in multiethnic and religiously diverse Iraq that is the discourse of ethnic discord.
The transport department failed to flag the bus even though its permit had expired a while ago and, troublingly, it continued to transport school children.
He says something about the phenomenon of Internet bullying--the plot of "Caught in the Web" involves an innocent young woman persecuted by serf-righteous "journalists" --taps into something intrinsically, troublingly Chinese.
The latest bankruptcy statistics show a general, but troublingly erratic, improvement in the New Hampshire economy.
Moreover, the ironclad proof needed to indict those responsible has also remained troublingly elusive, although Israeli and U.
More troublingly, they have refused to disclose who has been killed, for what reason and with what collateral consequences.
In an increasingly data-rich, time-starved environment, the phone call can seem less a welcome invitation to connect than a disruptive, troublingly analog experience," he continued.
Although the book centers on criticism of the incredibly important and overwhelming problems in contemporary literature, Against the Workshop does benefit a great deal from inclusion of a few reviews of recent exemplary works, such as his own of the troublingly underrated and enormously prescient poet Benjamin Alire Saenz.