trouble for

trouble someone for something

to ask someone to pass something or give something. (Usually a question.) Could I trouble you for the salt? Could I trouble you for some advice?
See also: trouble
References in classic literature ?
It's right for me to do what I can to save you from getting into trouble for want o' your knowing where you're being led to.
Reduce the hostile chiefs by inflicting damage on them; and make trouble for them, and keep them constantly engaged; hold out specious allurements, and make them rush to any given point.
Henderson-Niles hopes to stay away from foul trouble for the remainder of the series and have a better chance at fulfilling his promise.
Irrespective of size many firms often get into financial trouble at one time or the other and no nation is immuned from financial trouble for its enterprises.
Thus any error of prediction above 50 per cent implies that the relative ratio is not effective in predicting financial trouble for the period; as such, the result may be due to chance.
Fans are also being urged to drink responsibly on the day, and police say they will not tolerate drunk supporters causing trouble for the majority of wellbehaved fans.