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plight (one's) troth

To bind oneself to another person in marriage. This archaic phrase, still sometimes used in modern writing for stylistic effect, employs the obsolete words "plight" ("to pledge") and "troth" ("truth"). There are some practical matters which people rarely consider when they decide to plight their troth.
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plight one's troth to someone

to become engaged to be married to someone. (Literary or jocular.) I chose not to plight my troth to anyone who acts so unpleasant to my dear aunt. Alice plighted her troth to Scott.
See also: plight, troth

plight your troth

pledge your word in marriage or betrothal.
The verb plight is now virtually obsolete except in this particular phrase, as is the noun troth .
See also: plight, troth

plight (one's) troth

1. To become engaged to marry.
2. To give one's solemn oath.
See also: plight, troth
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Prosecutors said Troth was dazzled by the jet-set Monte Carlo lifestyle of his clients and started helping himself to their cash.
In addition to Troth and those arrested last week, another jockey, Dean Gallagher, and five other men are still on bail until March 10.
Robert Hodgkinson, prosecuting, said a chance meeting in Bull Yard between Troth and the man he was convicted of attacking in 2004 had resulted in him swinging a punch, which left the victim needing hospital treatment for bruises and swelling to his face.
Attending the state conference with Troth were Greg Galli of Suburban Realty, Richard Genari of At Realty; Bob Schack of HomeBased Realty, Jo Gilliard of Troth/GMAC Real Estate, Dana Haycock of Coldwell Banker Bozigian Realty, Roy Stripling of HomeBased Realty, Jodie Shepherd of 1st Choice Real Estate, Burl Patterson of Coldwell Banker Hartwig Realty and GAVAR CEO Pamela Westall.
Any individual or company wishing to sponsor this new role at the hospital is asked to contact Sue Troth on 01527 570738.
Troth may have been out of pocket on this occasion, but the manner of Nevada Girl's success suggests he will have plenty of opportunities to recoup his losses.
Mr McLean is manhandled into position before being propelled into the water, feet first but still smiling; SPLASH FOR CASH: Teacher John McLean helped pupils (from left) Matthew McKeown, Joe McCracken, Matthew Jacques, Joseph Bulger, Betany Hopkins, Samantha Marston, Emily Troth and Bethany Mudd, raise money for new library books.
Quartz Hill again is especially strong in distance, where sophomore Lacey Troth, senior captain Megan Hall and sophomore Christin Shibley return.
BOOKMAKER and punter Nigel Troth is the latest person to be cleared from the long-running investigation into allegations of race-fixing and doping, writes Graham Green.
Paul Murdoch (Curly) and Sue Troth as Laurey do justice to the songs, Lynda Dunn (Ado Annie) and Mark Williams (Will) create a delightful partnership and Karen Perrey's Aunt Eller is suitably robust even if her gun fails to go off at a crucial stage.
Two of those were brothers Adrian and Karl Troth, who were jailed earlier this year.
Hager clocked 19 minutes, 21 seconds over the 3-mile Pelona Vista Park course to defeat favored Cassie Ramirez of Highland and Lacey Troth of Quartz Hill, who were both suffering from illness.
Five other individuals-Ray Butler, Adam Hodgson, Jason Moore, John Matthews and Glen Gill-will report to Charing Cross today, with Nigel Troth due to report a week today.
Adrian Troth, aged 27, of Dugdale Court, Brunswick Street, pleaded guilty to being involved in the supply of heroin and crack cocaine, and also possessing quantities of two class A drugs with intent to supply them.
It's unfortunate for us, but we were proud of her for making the decision to help her grandmother,'' Quartz Hill sophomore Lacey Troth said.