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plight (one's) troth

To bind oneself to another person in marriage. This archaic phrase, still sometimes used in modern writing for stylistic effect, employs the obsolete words "plight" ("to pledge") and "troth" ("truth"). There are some practical matters which people rarely consider when they decide to plight their troth.
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plight one's troth to someone

to become engaged to be married to someone. (Literary or jocular.) I chose not to plight my troth to anyone who acts so unpleasant to my dear aunt. Alice plighted her troth to Scott.
See also: plight, troth

plight your troth

pledge your word in marriage or betrothal.
The verb plight is now virtually obsolete except in this particular phrase, as is the noun troth .
See also: plight, troth

plight (one's) troth

1. To become engaged to marry.
2. To give one's solemn oath.
See also: plight, troth
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A third non-absurd solution: Reform intellectual activity from the ground up such that troth stops hiding out in truth.
Bates stresses the relationship between identity and errancy: caught between the presumed infallibility of the general will and the demonstrable fallibility of individual reason, the revolutionary insistence on political troth was less a manifestation of utopianism or pathology than a response to the complexity of human errancy.
Most of all, this study is motivated by the belief that any theory of social reality construction needs to include a clear idea of how the meta-communicative concepts such as knowledge and troth are themselves constructed in the communication process, including the mass media, formal education, and every day discourse.
The 20-team final will be fought out at the Makin's complex at Wolvey, a fact which pleases the Bearwood-based Troth no end.
Troth will assume responsibility for all branch operations, including staffing, development and execution of sales, marketing and business development plans, as well as originating commercial and residential lending.
I mean I do understand why her mother felt it necessary to plight her troth, second time around, at Crathes Kirk.
Nicola Troth, aged 33, won a year's pass to her favourite medieval castle.
Troth is very knowledgeable and managed in a short article to be very informative.
Clearly, some marketing people would prefer not to allow the troth to stand in the way of a little self-promotion.
BLONDE JEANNIE is Wimbledon-bound for the Blue Square Derby after impressively justifying favouritism in the pounds 3,000 final of the Nigel Troth Yorkshire Oaks over 500m at Sheffield on Saturday.
In a reorganization stemming from the election and a recent resignation, the council unanimously named Sileo as vice mayor, filling the post previously held by Hearns, and filled three positions on the city's planning commission - reappointing Bruce MacPherson and Manuel Salazar III and adding Mark Troth.
Even the wildest dreams of a raving McGovern Democrat, at the height of the sexual revolution, never conjured the spectacle of two men publicly plighting their troth.
But Mrs Troth, who had been searching for him, unwittingly switched on the machine for a spin wash.
Mother-of-five Mrs Troth, the manager of a children's clothes store, said of the experience: "It was horrible.
In fact, the Pope reiterated that, not only is peace possible--it is a duty, built on the four pillars of troth, justice, love and freedom indicated by Blessed John XXIII in his encyclical, Pacem in Terris.