Trojan horse

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Trojan horse

1. Something that initially seems innocuous but is ultimately bad or malicious. A reference to the myth in which Ancient Greek soldiers hid inside a giant wooden horse in order to gain access to the city of Troy. That personable new hire turned out to be a Trojan horse—she stole our intellectual property and sold it to the competitor!
2. A computer program that appears to be useful or harmless but secretly installs malicious code or software onto the infected computer. We have malware on our computer because that game you downloaded turned out to be a Trojan horse.
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a Trojan horse

COMMON If you describe someone or something as a Trojan horse, you mean that they seem good or useful, but are really there to help something be harmed or destroyed in the future. Proposals for a golf course are now seen as a Trojan Horse for hotel and conference centres. This small reduction in the basic tax rate was merely a Trojan horse for the far more drastic cutting of the top rate from 70 to 28 per cent. Note: This refers to an ancient Greek story. The city of Troy was under siege from the Greeks. The Greeks built a large hollow wooden horse and left it secretly as a gift for the Trojans, who took it into the city. However, Greek soldiers were hiding inside the horse, and they were able to cause the destruction of the city.
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trojan horse

n. a kind of malicious software that arrives at a personal computer embedded in some other software and then introduces routines that can gather personal information or destroy the operationality of the computer. The consultant called the intruder a “trojan horse” and said I needed yet another program to get rid of it.
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The security risks associated with Trojan Horses are becoming more serious and widespread each day," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit.
Mr Tomlinson, who was appointed as a result of the Trojan Horse scandal, said: "It is crucial that these new arrangements prove effective for all schools in Birmingham and I will continue to work closely with the council to ensure they have the support they need.
The Download Sentry will pop up when a member attempts to download an e-mail with one of the types of file attachments associated with Trojan Horse programs.
Only when the so-called Trojan Horse affair hit the newspapers did government ministers think it would be a good idea to act to safeguard the children of Birmingham - for four years they did nothing at all.
The Yusufali-A Trojan horse continues to display messages if the offending website remains open, and after a while it displays a button labelled "For Exit Click Here".
This will enable the council to tackle gov-gov ernance issues uncovered by the Trojan Horse inquiry, which remained unchallenged through a lack of resources and/or political will, to be more robustly dealt with from now on.
Users who click on the link contained in the email may be infected by a series of Trojan horses that aim to steal confidential information from infected PCs.
The Trojan Horse plot was outlined in an anonymous letter which claimed hard-line Muslims were putting themselves into positions of power in some Birmingham schools and appointing like-minded individuals to teaching positions, while using dirty tricks to remove non-Muslim staff.
The BankAsh-A Trojan horse is designed to steal online banking passwords from unsuspecting Windows users.
Antivirus company Sophos has warned users to be wary of unsolicited e-mails claiming to contain photographs, as they may contain the Troj/BagleDl-A Trojan horse.
THE Trojan Horse investigation in Birmingham schools uncovered a minority of hardline Muslims pushing an extremist agenda in schools.
Sophos have identified a new Trojan horse which attempts to send spam messages to mobile phone users.
Web and e-mail content filtering company SurfControl (London: SRF) has advised that the new Zombie and Trojan horse online threats require layered security strategies to be put into place.
Lucky stars: 2, 8 THUNDERBALL: 9, 13, 21, 29, 32 Thunderball: 6 I'v heard her since Ms Yaqoob managed to find a camera to say when the Trojan Horse story broke and stated, I quote, "This is just another attack on Islam.
SCORES of teachers and support workers linked to the Trojan Horse scandal could be banned from working in schools for life, it has been claimed.