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triumph over (one)

To defeat or be victorious over one. Though considered an underdog since the beginning of the season, the young team triumphed over all and claimed the championship for themselves. I just don't see divorce as something in which one side needs to triumph over the other—in this situation, we both lose.
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*better of someone

 and *the best of someone
triumph over someone. (*Typically: get ~; have ~.) Bill got the best of John in the boxing match. I tried to get the better of Tom in the golf match, but he won anyway.
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triumph over someone or something

to achieve victory over someone or something. Our team triumphed over all the others. Our army triumphed over theirs.
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triumph over

To defeat someone or something, especially in a noteworthy contest: By the end of the movie, good triumphs over evil and everybody is happy.
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Rather, she seeks to reveal the Romans' own "critical thinking on the dangerous ambivalence of success and military glory," and to expose how historians know what they know about the triumph, even if (often precisely if) that clarification undercuts scholarly opinion (4).
But Beard succeeds in having her audience "engage with the complicated, multifarious, personal, and partisan agendas that underlie any mass celebration" as she interrogates and illuminates the distinctive Roman triumph (333).
Film stars such as Steve McQueen visited Meriden for their Triumphs.
Welder-turned-businessman John Rosamund has written the first inside account of the famous workers' cooperative that took over the Triumph motorcycle works at Meriden in the 1970s.
Each of these works contributes to the Protestant repertoire of triumphs, triumphs not only in a military or political sense of the term, but also in a spiritual one, by bringing examples of Protestants who achieve victory in death and escape damnation.
According to Osieja, Protestant writers in France, Spain, and Italy were all the more intent on projecting an image of their faith in triumph as their campaigns for social and political recognition had in large part failed in their respective countries.
The Motor Show in 1949 gave a hint of what the new Triumphs were to be all about when the TRX roadster was unveiled along with the Mayflower saloon.
A nyone brought up in the 1960s or 70s will remember Triumph as the car maker with a model to suit virtually all tastes.
MOTORCYCLE enthusiasts from across Britain and Europe will be riding into Meriden tomorrow to celebrate everything they love about Triumph motorbikes.
Thousands of visitors are expected at The Triumph Big Day Out at Meriden, the picturesque village that has long been synonymous with Triumph.
Anthony Miller adopts a roughly linear approach: marks down a subject, the Roman triumph, and hunts up successive "appropriations" of this "ancient martial model" from the days of "humanist transmission" and its recuperation by scholars like Volturio and Biondo to those of post-Armada Britain, Marlowe, Spenser, and thence onwards by stages ("The Stuart Peace," "Shakespeare and Stuart Drama," "Civil War and Commonwealth") to Marvell, "An Horatian Ode," The First Anniversary, and the Milton of "Cromwell, our cheifof men," Paradise Lost, and Paradise Regained.