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a tourist who makes excursions lasting just one day. At about 4:00 P.M. the day-trippers start thinning out. Being a day-tripper is hard on your feet sometimes.


n. a tourist who makes one-day trips. At about 4:00 p.m. the day-trippers start thinning out. Being a day-tripper is hard on your feet sometimes.

ego tripper

n. a person who habitually goes on an ego trip. Not another ego tripper running for public office!
See also: ego, tripper

round tripper

n. a home run in baseball. Ted is responsible for four round trippers in Saturday’s game.
See also: round, tripper
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The vast majority of road trippers take navigation tools with them.
The Night Trippers is a solid recommendation for any reader who has made music or art a big part of their life and is looking for a powerful new vision of success in that world.
Cartmel: popular with trippers escaping the Lake District but is only suitable for watching the racing on telly.
The findings show that of Outcast's audience of summer road trippers (61%) scrap their healthy eating habits for fast food-including McDonald's (44%), Wendy's (29%), Burger King (29%) and Taco Bell (24%)-which is 33% more likely than the general population.
If we get new trippers we need to look after them, because this could be the town's last chance.
One hundred years ago, this spot would have been crowded with day trippers.
Day trippers return to Ventura in the late afternoon, while overnight campers prepare their own meals with the camp stoves and gear provided by Aquasports.
The complex paradoxes of the seas ide resort experience for visitors, trippers and residents do not lend themselves to simple summary, and Walton's easy mastery in a relatively short compass has been hard won over many years of study.
The council said the move would open up the islands to day trippers while making it easier for islanders, whose numbers have been falling in recent decades, to travel to the mainland.
VALENTINE weekend trippers are being offered special insurance deals by Club Direct.
A UNIQUE collection of more than 600 photographic negatives chronicling the buses which delighted tourists and day trippers to North Wales goes up for auction this week.
But the downturn has put British holida park firm Haven on course for a record summer with bookings from foreign trippers up by 50%.
Road trippers to enhance adventures with mobile devices
DAY trippers to Liverpool will have a new guide to help them take a magical mystery tour around the city's Beatles attractions.
A seaside town could soon be inundated with female day trippers.